What is an example of a runtime error?

Here’s an example of a runtime error in Python:

# Runtime Error Example: Division by zero
numerator = 10
denominator = 0
result = numerator / denominator

In this example, we are attempting to divide the variable numerator by zero, which will cause a runtime error. When you run this code, you’ll encounter a ZeroDivisionError and the program will stop with an error message indicating that the division by zero is not possible.

Runtime errors occur during the execution of the program and can happen due to various reasons, such as invalid operations, unexpected data types, or accessing elements outside the allowed range.

What is the example of runtime error and logical error?

Here’s an example of a runtime error and a logical error in Python:

Runtime Error Example:

# Runtime Error Example: ValueError
num = int(input("Enter a number: "))
print("The square of the number is:", num**2)

In this example, the user is prompted to enter a number, which is then converted to an integer using the int() function. However, if the user enters a non-numeric value, such as a string or a special character, a ValueError will occur during runtime. This is because the int() function cannot convert non-numeric values to integers.

Logical Error Example:

# Logical Error Example: Incorrect calculation
radius = 5
area = 2 * 3.14 * radius
print("The area of the circle is:", area)

In this example, we attempt to calculate the area of a circle using the formula 2 * 3.14 * radius. However, the formula is incorrect. The correct formula to calculate the area of a circle is 3.14 * radius**2. This mistake leads to a logical error in the code, as it will produce an incorrect result for the area of the circle.

Runtime errors occur during the execution of the code, often due to invalid operations or unexpected data. Logical errors, on the other hand, do not cause the code to halt or produce an error message but result in incorrect or unexpected output due to flawed logic or incorrect calculations.

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