10+ Best Adobe XD Plugins

best adobe xd plugins

Adobe launched its XD plug-ins ecosystem in October 2018. At Adobe Max, certain features were released and one of the main features that were released is the XD plugins ecosystem. Due to the importance of plug-ins, its announcement has been long-awaited by the XD community. Browsing, installation, usage, and management …

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9+ Best React Notification Plugins

best react notification component

Notification can be referred to as an official or unofficial way of telling someone about something, it could be an occasion, an occurrence or a delivery at such we have different types of notifications, we have the casualty notification, partnership notification, death notification, Holy See notifications to mention a few. …

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10+ Best Keyboard HTML and CSS

free css and javaScript keyboards

A keyboard is a set of typewriter-like keys that allows users to input data into a computer, phone, or any other mobile device. The keyboard contains alphabets, numbers, symbols, and other things that make inputting data and creating information. Due to the increase in technology and the expiration of punch …

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15+ Free Bootstrap Flowchart Design HTML & CSS

free bootstrap flowchart html and css

At one point or the other, software engineers, web designers, graphic designers and others have heard and learnt about algorithms and flowchart. The flowchart is a tree-like diagram that is used to give a visual representation of a workflow or process. A flow chart can help improve one’s understanding of …

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10+ Best Christmas WordPress Plugins

best christmas wordPress plugin

Christmas plugins usually take a different turn from the regular serious plugins that certain people use. Most times, the reason why people add this plugin is to make their sites or blogs interesting and to capture the theme of the Christmas season as well. As we are discussing Christmas plugins, …

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10+ Best Python GUI Framework for Developers

best python GUI frameworks

Due to how fast and how busy the world is, everyone wants to do the right thing at the right time, but at a very fast pace. The python programming language is that thing that enables programmers to do the right thing at a fast pace. The frameworks that python …

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20+ Free Horizontal Timelines HTML & CSS Templates

free horizontal timelines html and css

Timelines are very important as they are used for various things on various platforms. Authors use timelines in books, lessons and articles to explain an event, the reason it occurred, the way it occurred and the date the event happened. Business owners and professionals also use them on their sites …

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