10+ Best Keyboard HTML and CSS

free css and javaScript keyboards

A keyboard is a set of typewriter-like keys that allows users to input data into a computer, phone, or any other mobile device. The keyboard contains alphabets, numbers, symbols, and other things that make inputting data and creating information. Due to the increase in technology and the expiration of punch …

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10+ Best Custom Scrollbar CSS and JavaScript Plugins

best free custom scrollbar javaScript libraries

Java Script is a dynamic programming language that has a lightweight and is a part of most websites created today. Some other authors define JavaScript as a block of codes that were created to perform certain tasks. Although JavaScript was originally created as a browser-only language, today it is used …

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35+ Amazing JavaScript Games with Source Code

Best JavaScript Games

By 2020 comes the end-of-life for the famous Adobe Flash Player, this is to enable other great solutions to take over the internet. The flash player was a groundbreaker for internet users, enabling them to view a lot of content such as games, video, and many other media stuff. The …

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