15 Best Free PHP Editors (IDEs) for PHP Developers

Free PHP Editors IDEs

As a programmer, it is very important to use some of the best tools during code development. But like everything else, it usually wasn’t very easy back in the days, to just get the best of the best coding tools. Today, we have a lot of these tools out there …

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How to Create PHP Optional Parameters [Tutorial]

PHP Optional Parameters

Well, you probably have heard of optional parameters. It’s a concept that exists in almost every programming language. Today we will be discussing optional parameters in PHP. If you study the PHP standard documentation, you probably have seen many functions with optional parameters. They usually follow the following format. string …

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How to Detect the browser in PHP

php detect browser

As we all know PHP is one of the best general-purpose scripting languages which is mostly using for serverside web development. It is rich in coding techniques along with many facilities. Utmost of the serverside developers recognized that this is the best ever language which suites for comprehensive and small …

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40+ PHP Calendar With Events

Tiva Events Calendar For PHP

Calendars where first introduced to man, as far back as time can go in the 1st to 9th century BC. Julius Caesar also introduced the Roman calendar also known as “Julian calendar”. This calendar is closer to the solar year than all the other calendars before it. But in recent …

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How To Validate Phone Numbers Using PHP

Phone Number Validation in PHP

PHP is a very popular server-side programming language. One of the obvious task for a server-side programming language is to process forms. Forms are used to get data from website users. You could receive different inputs from what you expected due to mistakes of users. Also, hackers could use forms …

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