15+ Best Responsive jQuery Cards Templates

Free jQuery Cards

jQuery Cards are especially great for any website design project that needs to be more responsive and appealing, whilst having the simplicity and ease of navigation for users. The general idea is behind these jQuery cards is to keep contents on a website organized and well-arranged so users can access …

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30+ Best Slide-In Slide-Out Menu jQuery Plugins

Since the inception of the internet, technological advancements have been making things better. You might be aware of HTML, but do know what is the factor that decides how the HTML elements would be displayed on the screen? It is the CSS or what are called the Cascading Style Sheets. …

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15+ Free jQuery Context Menus Plugins

Free jQuery Context Menu

The context menu is a key element of any web project which replaces the right-click option that comes with a native app, browser and more. It is even customizable to suit whatever you want to accomplish on your website and so on. The menu is configured to appear when a …

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30+ Best jQuery Image Gallery & Lightbox Plugins

Free jQuery Image Gallery Plugins

Websites pack more of a punch when the right gallery or image showcasing plugin is utilized. Are you often finding yourself at a loss of options for your next gallery plugin solution? Well, the good news is that jQuery plugin has plenty of gallery plugin solutions at hand for you. …

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Best Resources to Learn jQuery Tutorials (Step By Step)

jquery tutorial step by step

Amongst the JavaScript libraries available, jQuery has quite a following amongst web developers and designers. As a web developer in the front-end niche, having a skillset in jQuery is a must-have in the fast-changing web industry. jQuery is a library that works at simplifying the process involved in going through …

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40+ Best Table Sorter jQuery Plugins

jquery table sorting plugin

A table sorting plugin helps website owners arrange HTML data tables in multiple columns like travel sites with available flight, car rental, and hotel data. With table sorter plugins, you can arrange these data according to price; relevance; availability; distance and so on. Website visitors only have to click on …

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30+ Best Drag & Drop File Uploader

Drag & Drop File Uploader

Uploading files on is one of the most common things on the web. This file uploader aids content writers, web developers and everyone who uses or owns a website to write. Everything we do on the web requires file uploads either images, texts or videos. This is the more reason, …

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