6 Best Unbounce Alternatives {In-depth Comparison}

For online marketing teams using landing page builders is no longer an exception. It is the rule. In today’s online space, the success or progress of all marketing efforts is dependent on well-packaged landing pages.

There is no downplaying the power of landing pages.

Are you worrying about conversion rates?

You can make lead and sales conversions from the usual visitor.

You can do so by using the right landing page builder. If you are not satisfied with Unbounce, check these Unbounce alternatives.

Looking for Unbounce Alternatives?

Unbounce is a very amazing landing page builder. It provides users with exceptional services and features. Their functions may not suit the needs of some websites or online business owners. This brings us to the alternatives to Unbounce.


Unbounce Alternative

Like Unbounce, Leadpages is a popular landing page builder. It provides great features and services for both small and big online businesses. The platform offers users a very affordable and effective way to relate with their visitors/customers. They can collect leads, analyse them and boost their sales rate with the platform’s effective functions. It makes it a great Unbounce alternative. Some exclusive features of Leadpages include;

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Landing page; Leadpages provides users with several tools and features. They aid in the creation of amazing landing pages. Along with effective conversion rates and sales boost. The tools include;

  • Templates; Leadpages provides users with more than 130 templates. This allows them to create landing pages with tools. These tools enable them to carry out editing and customization with ease.
  • DragandDrop Builder; With Leadpages drag and drop builder, users can customize any section of the page. As well as control the elements and customization tools with ease.
  • Marketing Integrations; Leadpages also provides users with several integration options and third-party plugins. They allow them to connect their landing pages to several other apps and platforms. This allows for more effectiveness.
  • Hosting Services; Leadpages also offers users hosting services for all landing pages. Pages created on the platform and the option to use their domain names if they preferred.
  • Split testing; is another core feature for landing page builders. This is because they enable users to determine the performance level of a landing page. And do so with different versions available to test. To test which version of the landing page is acceptable to their audience.
  • Analytics; There is dashboard analytics on Leadpages. But users also have access to detailed analytics that offer easier connection. Connection with advanced connections and analytics of landing pages.
  • Leadboxes; with this tool on Leadpages, users can display pop-up forms on their pages. And do so based on their preference. They can also link a button to create a two-step-opt-in that aids conversion boost.
  • Leadlinks; with this feature, users can create a one-click sign-up for existing subscribers. They can do so by sending them a link.
  • Leaddigits; is a niche feature that allows users to sync leads to email lists. Or webinars through automated text messages.
  • CTA creation; With Leadpages smart CTA button, users can create a CTA for their landing pages. This improves the platform’s optimization.

Leadpages Pricing

Leadpages offer users with up to three plans. They offer different features and level of functionality which are;

  • Standard; is accessible at $27 per month. It provides users with a site use, unlimited landing pages, traffic and leads. Users also have amazing tech support. As well as more than 40 standard integrations responsive mobile support.
  • Pro; offer users up to 3 site use. With all the services available on the standard plan and unlimited A/B split testing. As well as email trigger links and up to 10 opt-in text campaigns amongst others accessible at $59 per month.
  • Advanced; is accessible at $239 per month. It offers users the most amazing services on the platform. It has up to 50 site use, advanced integrations. As well as 50 opt-in text campaigns, 5 sub-accounts (with access to only Pro plan features) and all pro features.

Leadpages is an amazing Unbounce alternative. But it comes with its share of downsides which brings us to the Pros and Cons of Leadpages;


  • Affordable price
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Unlimited traffic and leads generation
  • Amazing integration options


  • Leadpages limits split testing to the Pro and Advanced plans
  • Form builder lacks customization options
  • No option for the enterprise.

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Alternative for Unbounce

Instapage is an amazing landing page builder. It allows users to create effective landing pages. As well as generate leads and boost sales of products online. The platform provides users with professional tools and features. Tools that produce high conversion rates with little effort. And it serves as a great Unbounce alternative. Some features available on Instapage include;

  • Templates; Instapage offer users about 80 advanced templates. Templates that enable them to create landing pages. As well as create pop-ups and sticky bars within a couple of minutes. They may also start from scratch if they wish to. The templates offer users several options and tools for landing page building. Such as sales form, app downloads, event registration, sign-up forms. It does even basic functions like thank-you notes. Notes with advanced filters for editing and customization.
  • Drag and Drop Builder; users can create, edit and customize landing pages. As well as pop-ups and sticky bars with the drag-and-drop feature on Instapage. These allow users to move and place objects on their landing pages to their preferred configuration with ease.
  • Customization Tools; with a wide range of customization options on Instapage. Along with exciting properties and tools on Instapage. Including the option to add custom CSS to a page’s content. As well as custom JavaScript, users will enjoy better functionality and efficiency.
  • Instablocks; is an exclusive feature on Instapage that offers user’s great time-saving functions. Saving time in the creation of many landing pages. And also enables users to create several assets and blocks that are reusable. Instablocks also provide other amazing functions. Including the creation of CTA, page headers, and footers. As well as other contents that users use on many pages within the platform.
  • Landing Page Tools; Instapage also provides users with other amazing landing page tools/widget. Tools that enable users to add elements to their landing pages. Users can do so by clicking on either of the widgets on the sidebar menu of the Editor. Then immediately drop the element anywhere on the canvas. Before moving to preferred parts of the page. Some of these widgets include;
    • forms,
    • visual presentations,
    • headlines, buttons,
    • straight lines and
    • timers amongst others.
  • Mobile-Friendly Designs; the platform also offers mobile-friendly services. Services that are set by default and users change for access of only mobile users or desktop users.
  • Integration Options; With Instapage’s integration options, users have access to a wide variety of analytics tools. As well as other third-party plugins that aid sale promotions and connections with other apps online.
  • A/B Testing; users can run split tests on their landing pages. Tests that enable them to create new copies of a landing page. And do so with simple edits on elements such as CTA. And then provide different versions of the landing pages to visitors. They do this to determine which is more acceptable by visitors.
  • Tracking and Report; users can track the performance of a landing page with the in-built heatmap tool. This could also provide reasons for degenerating leads and fall-backs of landing pages to users.  Such helps in improvement of areas that need restructuring.

Instapage Pricing

Instapage offer users two plans. One has full customization options of a user’s specific needs of the platform.

  • Business; plan costs $149 per month. On this plan have unlimited conversions, conversion analytics. It also has AdMap, Heatmaps, Split testing, and several other amazing features. It has up to 30,000 visits per month, 5 workspace and users, and 30 landing pages. As a result, the plan offers a pretty great function for both small and large businesses.
  • The Enterprise plan provides subscribers with the option to customize their needed features. They can choose from the several features available on the plan. And with the price based on their customization.

Instapage offers amazing features and services for creating landing pages. As well as several other functions. Yet, the builder has its downsides. The user needs to consider these factors before deciding for or against it. The pros and cons of Instapage include;


  • Several professional templates
  • Users can deliver files and sell items through their landing pages
  • Ease of use for beginners
  • Moderate mobile support
  • Access to online documentation
  • Multi-user options for team members


  • Limited plans
  • eCommerce options are  limited
  • Instapage is quite expensive

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Hubspot Landing

Hubspot Landing free alternative

Hubspot Landing is a landing page tool that aids in boosting conversion rates and customer involvement. The platform provides users with the needed tools for marketing and also offers education on the processes. Hubspot Landing offers users good CRM and customer assistance, great sales management, and integration tools. Some amazing features of Hubspot include;

  • Great landing page designs and in-built templates
  • CTA support with no need for coding experience
  • Split testing tools
  • Analytics and tracking
  • Content strategy support
  • Market integration and third-party plugins
  • Website building and management

Hubspot Pricing

Hubspot is not solely a landing page builder as it offers other website related functions and marketing strategies. It have several plans, but the plans that support landing page creation and publishing include;

The Professional plan is accessible at $890 per month with access to all inbound marketing features including landing pages and other marketing strategies.

The Enterprise plan is available at $3200 monthly and it provides users with sophisticated marketing strategies and integrations that aid rapid boost of leads and sales

Although Hubspot is not solely a Landing page builder, its landing page services are amazing and it provides website owners with a pretty good alternative for Unbounce. The platform, however, has its downsides as well as its highlights which take us to the pros and con of Hubspot Landing


  • Email integration
  • Great Split testing and analytics
  • Excellent templates for landing pages
  • Amazing marketing strategies


  • Expensive
  • The platform is quite complicated

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Landingi : Unbounce alternative

Landingi is another amazing Unbounce alternative. It offers users several amazing features and services. These enable them to create both basic and advanced landing pages. And also increase conversion rates and sales. Some of the amazing features of Landingi include;

  • Templates; with over 200 templates, users can create landing pages. Users do so by editing them to meet their desired presentation. And also have the option to create their landing pages from scratch. Landingi offers users advanced templates for industrial purposes. As well as basic tasks and an easy customization process with the drag-and-drop tool.
  • Split testing; enables users to determine the performance of their landing pages. And improve their websites and online business based on visitors’/users ’ acceptance.
  • Integration; Landingi is in partnership with several third-party apps. These allow for integrating third-party plugins with landing pages created on the platform. As well as SEO tools, SSL certificates, many royalty-free images. And several other amazing features and functions.
  • Drag and Drop; with the drag-and-drop builder, users can maneuver through the pages. Then get acquainted with the platform.

Landingi Pricing                      

Landing offers users up to four plans which are;

  • Core; This plan is available at $29 per month. It offers users unlimited landing pages and conversions. It comes with up to 5,000 monthly visitors, 1 custom domain, 150 landing pages and allows for many users. But this plan lacks several advanced features. Features like pop-ups, free images, custom HTML and more.
  • Create; provide users with several advanced features and services at $55 monthly. Users get all the benefits on the core plan. They can do so with up to 50,000 visitors, 10 custom domains. As well as 200+ landing pages, pop-ups. And pop-up templates, 5000 free images, custom HTML, and several others.
  • Automate; is the most advanced plan on Landingi. It offers users up to 100,000 visitors, 20 domains and smart sections. Besides to other features on the Create plan, it is accessible at $79 per month.

The features and services on Landingi may seem great,. But the platform also comes with hitches, which brings us to the Pros and Cons of Landingi.


  • Many templates
  • Great widgets
  • Lots of extra features
  • Affordability


  • The mobile view is not automatic
  • The analytics available is quite basic, although it supports Google Analytics.

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Cheaper Alternatives to Unbounce

Optimizepress – WordPress Plugin


Optimizepress is an amazing Unbounce alternative. It offers users several features that enable them to create pages. To generate leads and boost conversion pages. Some amazing features of Optimizepress include;

  • The simple drag-and-drop builder. This allows for the easy creation of pages on the platform.
  • WordPress themes and plugin support
  • Templates for timesaving creation of pages
  • Support for paysites.
  • Membership sites and several others

Other advanced features on Optimizepress include;

  • Live Editor;Optimizepress provides users with an in-built page builder. It enables users to create, edit and customize landing pages.
  • Templates; users will have access to about over 200 templates on the premium plan.
  • Custom Elements;Optimizepress has over 40 elements. With these users have several customization options. And a responsive design that different devices support. As well as other amazing features.

Optimizepress Pricing

  • Essential; this plan is accessible at $99 per year. And it offers a user up to 250 conversion-optimized templates. As well as single-user access, unlimited leads and traffic. As well as unlimited pages over 27 integrations.
  • Business; This plan offers users all the features available on the Essential package. And OptimizeUrgency that adds scarcity alerts to landing pages. This plan is available at $149 per year and offers access to 5 users on a single subscription.
  • Suite; is accessible at $199 per year, offering up to 20 user accounts and all features on the Business plan.
    • OptimizeUrgency,
    • OptimizeFunnels,
    • OptimizeCheckouts,
    • OptimizeLeads and
    • Easy Split testing is all exclusive to this plan.

Pros and Cons of Optimizepress

  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Great template options and designs
  • The design is outdated
  • The save format is not standard
  • Falls a little behind competitors

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get response landing page

Getresponse is an online marketing tool. It provides several amazing online options. These include landing page building, eCommerce options, web hosting and sales funnels. They designed its automation builder to create professional landing pages in a couple of minutes. It does so with advanced market automation tools and templates. Although the platform’s services are not exclusive to landing pages, it has an amazing landing page builder. It is a great Unbounce alternative. Some features of Getrespose landing page builder are;

  • 100+ in-built templates that enable users to design landing pages within minutes.
  • Split testing that allows for up to 10 versions of a landing page.
  • Image editor and several customization options and many more.

Getresponse Pricing

  • Basic; the basic plan is accessible at $15 per month. It offers users email marketing, unlimited lead funnels and landing pages. And 1 salesfunnel amongst others.
  • Plus; users will have all features available on the basic plan. It comes with up to 5 workflows, 5 funnels and 3 users amongst others. The Plus plan is accessible at $49 per month.
  • Professional; This plan offers users the whole plus package, with up to 5 users.
  • The Max plan offers users several full customization options with flexibility.

Pros and Cons of Getresponse 


  • Ease of use
  • Affordability
  • Advanced features and services
  • Integration with Google Analytics and other tools


  • The drag and drop interface is quite quirky
  • There is no phone support, except on the Max plan

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Final Verdict

It is prime time to step off the bandwagon of over 78% of businesses that aren’t too happy with how well they convert online. One of your key targets should now be to establish an improved sales funnel. My first suggestion is go with Leadpages, which is the best Unbounce alternative.

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