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A web presence is a must-have in this online age. The internet is full of individuals and entities promoting, selling, informing, or offering content to the masses.

The marketing element to your product or service demands that you create a way to entice your visitors to purchase.

How is this done?

The answer is landing page software.

Which is your best landing page builder software?

As you think of your go-to landing page builder, there are some few pointers worth keeping in mind. Your ideal landing page software will get visitors signing up to what’s on offer, support your promos, send audience targeted messages, capture leads, and focus visitor attention on what you are marketing.


Best Landing Page Builder Software ShortStack

ShortStack is a rule-breaker in the landing page builder industry. It offers the option to create landing pages for hosting events or contests and give rewards. The branding and marketing capabilities of ShortStack make it ideal for the growth of your brand or blog. The email marketing tools enable you to track and record sales leads and conversion rates.

Your marketing and lead generation needs a tool such as ShortStack, which boosts them in the right direction. Worry no more as you can create landing pages that convert, and effectively promote your page via giveaways, contests, and referrals.

What does ShortStack have to offer?

  • The drag and drop feature enables you to customize and add widgets onto the landing page. Over 25 widgets are available for use and include voting polls, social media, forms, galleries, and many others.
  • Customized themes and templates that help you cut down production and launch times.
  • Campaign editing and customization from the dashboard.
  • Real-time data and analytics for your campaigns.
  • Manage and organize all your campaigns from one account.
  • Automated email scheduling for all email participants on your list.
  • Data storage. All the relevant information is stored and can be conveniently searched and exported.
  • Fraud prevention and control of created contests. Restrictions prevent repeat entries, and verification confirms the authenticity of entries to contests.


  • Free plan: This allows you to try out the services before paying for them. The free plan is a plus, allowing you to boost your marketing skills with the option to upgrade later.
  • Ease of use: From the dashboard to the whole builder, the user experience is enjoyable. Features are well displayed allowing you to manage campaigns without much effort.
  • Mobile-friendly layout: This enhances the convenience of using ShortStacks.
  • Referral Program:  Earn some valuable credit by referring someone to ShortStacks.
  • Real-time data tracking and analysis: ShortStacks handles your campaigns you can follow up on how your campaigns are faring on.


  • The contest feature may get pricey unless you use the contest feature regularly.
  • ShortStack branding appears on your campaigns when you are on the Starter Plan.
  • Newbies may find ShortStack a bit complicated.

How much does ShortStack cost?

  • Business Plan: $99/month for 10,000 entries, 50,000 views, Random Winner Selection, Website Embedding, Entry Transfers via Form Integrations, Instagram, and Facebook Comment Importer, Refer-a-friend, and Instant Win Contests.
  • Agency Plan: $199/month for 50,000 entries, 250,000 views, All Business Plan Features, Hashtag and Retweet Contests, White-label Campaigns, Distribute Unique Prizes and Codes, and Team Member Collaboration.
  • Brand Plan: $199/month for 500,000 entries, 2,500,000 views, All Agency Plan Features, Dedicated Account Manager, Digital Rights Management, Unlimited Hashtag and Retweet Contests, and 5 Team Member Seats included.

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best landing page builder for affiliate marketing

Ucraft is an impressive landing page builder doubles also as an innovative webpage builder. The landing page builder doesn’t disappoint in what I can deliver. You have access to logo creation, drag and drop editing, page customization, and design.

It is great to have a standard option of creating an unlimited number of SSL encrypted pages, on unlimited bandwidth, with SEO tools on a free plan.

When looking to create stunning pages for your projects, events, or business, Ucraft has plenty of features to make the creation process enjoyable and hassle-free.

What does have to offer?

  • A design tool that allows you to tweak templates to suit your preferred layout, colors, typography and more
  • Editing via drag-and-drop for quick and easy page building
  • Live chat support is on 24/7
  • The Team APP through which team members get page access and editing rights


  • All plans come with unlimited pages
  • Smart page builder
  • A diverse selection of template
  • Design flexibility and freedom
  • SSL encryption across all price tiers
  • Competitive price plans
  • In-built data analytics
  • A free to use version is available


  • The free version lacks integrations
  • No A/B testing
  • Not suitable for complex webpages with specific requirements

How much does cost?

  • Free Plan: Free for connecting your domain, SSL Security, Unlimited Bandwidth, 15 Pages, Basic Elements, Google Analytics, and 24/7 Support.
  • Pro Plan: $10/month for Free custom domain, SSL Security, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Pages, Advanced Elements, SEO Tools, Designer Tools, Blogging Tools, Google Analytics, and 24/7 Support.
  • Pro Shop Plan: $21/month for all Pro Plan features plus Advanced, eCommerce, and data management features.
  • Unlimited Plan: $69/month for all Pro Shop Plan features plus Advanced, increased eCommerce capacity, and enhanced data management features.

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What is the Best Landing Page Builder?

There is always something to sell or promote online. The scramble for page visitors and buyers is an ever-present reality for marketing teams today. Since the everyday website isn’t built to target and convert visitors, there is the need for a page built to specifically entice visitors into action.

A landing page upgrades your marketing strategy by enticing page visitors to take action. The sole purpose of the structure and build of a landing page is to direct page visitors into signing up for, clicking, downloading, or accepting what is on offer.

Landing page builders work to ensure that your landing page is not only intuitive but also user friendly. These builders help you as a marketer and owner of a product or service to achieve lead conversion and sales.

Appealing, custom templates, drag-and-drop features, enticing popups form tool offerings to help you create a landing page that draws in visitors and converts them into sales leads.

The best landing page builder takes you through the steps of building a custom landing page in the shortest time, using relevant sets of tools, and in the most user-friendly way possible.


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