Python cProfile ncalls With Examples

cProfile module is a built-in profiler that allows you to measure the performance of your code by recording the number of function calls and the time spent in each function. The ncalls attribute in the profiling results indicates the number of times a particular function was called during the profiling run. Here’s how you can use cProfile and access the ncalls information:

  1. Import the cProfile module:
import cProfileCode language: Python (python)
  1. Decorate the function you want to profile with
Decorate the function you want to profile with language: Python (python)

In the example above, replace my_function with the name of the function you want to profile.

  1. Run your Python script. This will execute the my_function while profiling it with cProfile.
  2. After running your script, you will get profiling results printed to the console. These results include information about the number of calls to each function. The ncalls column in the profiling results shows the number of times each function was called.

Here’s a simplified example of what the profiling results might look like:

    1000002 function calls in 2.123 seconds

   Ordered by: cumulative time

   ncalls  tottime  percall  cumtime  percall filename:lineno(function)
   1000000    0.456    0.000    1.234    0.000
Code language: Python (python)

In this example, ncalls shows that my_function was called 1,000,000 times during the profiling run.

You can use this information to identify which functions are consuming the most time and optimize your code accordingly.

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