Python cProfile Vs Timeit [Explained With Example]

cProfile and timeit are two Python modules used for profiling and timing code, respectively. They serve different purposes and are used in different scenarios:


  • Purpose: cProfile is primarily used for profiling code to identify performance bottlenecks and understand where your code is spending most of its time.
  • How it works: cProfile collects statistics about the function calls in your code, including the number of times each function is called and the time spent in each function.
  • Usage: You typically run cProfile on your entire script or specific parts of it to get a detailed profile of function call times and how they relate to each other. It provides a lot of information about which functions are consuming the most CPU time.


import cProfile

def some_function():
    # Code to profile

if __name__ == "__main__":"some_function()")Code language: Python (python)


  • Purpose: timeit is used for measuring the execution time of a specific piece of code or function. It’s useful when you want to know exactly how long a particular code snippet takes to run.
  • How it works: timeit runs the code multiple times (by default, one million times) to get an accurate measurement and then calculates the average time taken.
  • Usage: You typically use timeit when you want to benchmark a specific function or code snippet to compare the performance of different implementations.


import timeit

def some_function():
    # Code to measure

if __name__ == "__main__":
    time_taken = timeit.timeit("some_function()", globals=globals(), number=1000)
    print(f"Time taken: {time_taken} seconds")Code language: Python profile (profile)

cProfile when you want a detailed profile of function calls and their performance characteristics, which can help you optimize your code.

Use timeit when you want to measure the execution time of a specific piece of code for benchmarking purposes.

They serve different purposes but can be used together when necessary to optimize and measure the performance of your Python code effectively.

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