Best Python Courses on Udemy for Beginners to Masters

Top Python Courses beginners masters

Have you just started learning software programming, or thinking of becoming a Data Scientist? Python Courses will be the best for you. In this article, you will be learning what Python programming is! Python Courses is one of the most popular and most talked-about programming languages. It is used broadly …

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30+ Best Drag & Drop File Uploader

Drag & Drop File Uploader

Uploading files on is one of the most common things on the web. This file uploader aids content writers, web developers and everyone who uses or owns a website to write. Everything we do on the web requires file uploads either images, texts or videos. This is the more reason, …

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40+ PHP Calendar With Events

Tiva Events Calendar For PHP

Calendars where first introduced to man, as far back as time can go in the 1st to 9th century BC. Julius Caesar also introduced the Roman calendar also known as “Julian calendar”. This calendar is closer to the solar year than all the other calendars before it. But in recent …

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80+ Best Free Music Player HTML & CSS

music player html css

Many website developers use Music Player HTML on the websites they design. The music player HTML provides you with the suppleness in addition to creativeness in constructing a jukebox in your website according to your preference. By using it, you are able to add the limitless number of music then organize …

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12+ Best CSS Glow Text Effects

The CSS shadow effect can be deceptive but highly effective when put to use correctly to create an awesome CSS glow effect. It is a simple way to add effects such as shadows, glows, and rotational effects to a text, including images or elements. These effects are very useful in …

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18 Best Jquery Resizable DIV HTML & CSS

Web design is evolving and it is important for web designers to move with the trends to be updated. jQuery resizable panes or panels are some of the ways in which developers are making websites simple and attractive. These resizable panes are either drag & drop panels that you can …

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75+ Best CSS Loaders

css loaders

Creativity is the new and latest way of building formidable websites in our world today, and pushing the limits of every website is the main goal of all web designers which is why they have come up with HTML and CSS loaders. CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) as it is known …

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