WPX Hosting Black Friday 2024 – 95% Discount+ Free 3 Months

Just like other hosting sites, WPX hosting will offer subscribers, both new and already existing discounted rates on the available plans. It’s all everyone has been waiting for right?

You will get a discount rate for as high a 95% Off + 3 Month Hosting and enjoy other amazing offers.

This platform is a hub for discounts and is well known for providing its users with the best services at a very low cost.

With WPX exclusive plan rates and regular discounts, the Black Friday offers for 2024 is simply unbelievable.

WPX Black Friday Offer 2024

WPX hosting is a hosting site that provides amazing hosting services to its users and its simple setup and easy interface allow new users to get familiar with the platform very easily.

WPX offers users the best services and features with only a few differences in the elements based on the subscribed plans.

The plans are simple to work with and very similar but have differences with the bandwidth speed, storage capacity and the number of sites that can be hosted. There are three plans on WPX and they include;

  • The Business Plan; This plan is best suited for users who have just started an online profession. It is very easy to use and allows users to post up to five websites, providing enough room for files and data with storage space of up to 10GB and a bandwidth speed of 100GB. With these specifications, new business owners can create enough traffic for their websites and grow their business at a fast pace with convenience. Normally, this plan costs $24.99 per month, but with the Black Friday offer on, users can enjoy the amazing services and features of this plan at just $0.25 per month. Without the Black Friday deal, this plan was great, but with it on, it is simply irresistible.
  • Professional plan; Users will be provided with plenty of tools for the best website developing processes. It is ideal for developers as its specifications provide the best tools for creating traffic and improving websites. With this plan, users can host up to 15 websites on WPX, store several files and data with a storage capacity of 20GB running at a speed of 200GB. At $49.99 per month on a regular, this plan is available to all users, but with the Black Friday offers, it cost less than a dollar as it sells for only $0.5 per month. Now, you can build a high traffic rate and please your clients at almost no cost.
  • Elite plan; this plan offers users the best services and features of WPX. With unlimited bandwidth speed, storage space of up to 40GB, and website hosting of up to 35, the Elite plan offers users with tedious tasks and high traffic hosting the exclusiveness to meet up with the demands of their clients and customers. Originally, this plan is availed at $99.00 per month, but with the Black Friday offer, it will be available to all users at just $0.99.

With WPX Black Friday Offers for 2024, all you need to up your game has been given to you on a platter of gold. It is simply the opportunity to grab. Aside from the unbelievable discount rate and services of WPX, below are some other reasons why WPX should be your hosting site

  • Optimised WordPress Hosting: WPS hosting is solely committed to WordPress hosting as it does not adopt the services of other hosts and dedicated servers. Therefore, users are assured of the best performance, speed and optimization with the exclusive use of WordPress on WPX hosting.
  • With SSD Storage, WPS can integrate great memory speed and performance in contrast to the traditional SSD operation. With this aid, users can load pages faster which access files and data conveniently.
  • SSL Certificates have proven to be mandatory in this age, unlike the previous. With WPX, you do not have to worry about extra costs for SSL Certificates as it is provided by the platform for free. Although limited, additional SSL certificates could be purchased and with the discounted rate, that should hardly be a problem.
  • WordPress Installation: With a single click, WordPress will be installed on WPX, which saves time and offers users a convenient set-up with no hassles with the command line.
  • Free Migration Services: With WPX, users can easily move their websites hosted on other platforms as well as their emails (cPanel, Email or Gmail) with no cost. If users face any difficulty with the migration process, the 24/7 service support is always available to help with the technicalities.
  • WPX offers users several other exclusive features including; free bug or malware removal, Automatic backup for 28 days and Manual backup for updates on themes and plugins, security from DDoS attacks, and 30-day money-back guarantee.

This hosting site has built a solid foundation for trust and reliability as it is recommended by one of the leading theme providers, Thrive Themes and also a great Trustpilot score of 4.7/5.0 from over a hundred reviews.

FAQs on WPX Black Friday Offer

Is WPX fast?

Yes. Based on reviews and customer’s opinion, one of the most amazing features of WPX is its speed. It has an excellent speed rate for loading pages and getting tasks done which is one of its most attractive traits.

How long will it take to migrate with WPX?

With WPX, users can migrate for free. Within 24hours, migration to WPX is done on request and can also be done manually.

Will my files have back-up on WPX?

Yes. For 28 days, WPX will back your files up daily and keep it safe. After this, backups can be done manually.

Can I use CDN on WPX?

Yes. Although WPX provides speedy services to users, the Content Delivery Network has been incorporated to the platform’s services. This provides even faster networking and a closer relationship for the user and the server.

Is there a refund policy on WPX?

Yes. WPX offers all users a 30-day money-back guarantee. Of course, with the reviews of old users and Trustpilot score, WPX is extremely safe and well equipped. But the policy has been out in place to assure new users of its credibility since most deals and rates are quite unbelievable.

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