Webflow Black Friday 2024: {Get 50% OFF}

With the 2024 Black Friday offers steering amazing reviews and offering great features to users at discounted rates, several people have been waiting for Black Friday discount rates ad coupon codes from their favorite web designer, Webflow. Grabe this 50% off.

How to Activate Webflow Black Friday 2024?

  • Go to Webflow.com and click on the Templates section.
  • Select a template for your website.
  • Sign up for your Webflow account and enter your details. They will probably ask a few questions about improving your site creation.
  • Select a Plan which suitable for you. CMS Site Plan gives the best features for the website. Select annual payment to get 15% off on subscriptions.
  • After Selecting your plan, click on the Add Plan button and enter your payment details.
  • After that, you will see a “Have a promo code?” option. Enter your promo code: CYBERWEEK2024
  • Click on the “redeem” button and enjoy your 50% Discount!.

This platform offers users the web design tools and several amazing features that allow for the building of Build custom blogs, portfolios, eCommerce stores and many more with advanced features and the best services.

Some amazing services offered by Webflow to users includes; an advanced UI for building complex designs, integrated web hosting, great SEO Control with no need for additional plugins and several other exclusive features.

These amazing services and more are available on the Webflow black Friday offer for 2024. With an amazing 50% discount off all packages and plans on the platform, users will have great savings and access to advanced features and services. Some of the amazing features on Webflow include;

  • A dynamic SEO and Open Graph setting that allows users to control contents displayed on their websites, which in turn influences the performance of user’s websites.
  • Advanced 3D animation and transformation
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Regular backups, restoration and visioning, which are done automatically by the service providers.
  • Customdomains for easy identification of websites
  • The Webflow platform also offers users the exclusive feature of a two-click deployment
  •  On this platform, users can export and clean standard compliant codes.
  • SEO friendly customization
  • Users can bill clients directly with the setup billing client
  • With the inbuilt CDN on Webflow, users will be able to provide their customers with fast internet and loading services.
  • Workflow enables an automatic generation of XML sitemap for users websites or domains, which allows the search engine index users web pages efficiently.
  • Users get more than 40 free templates to work it.
  • Designs will be converted into W3C complaint conveniently with a semantic code
  • Designing on Webflow does not require any coding experience; therefore this platform is suitable for any online developer, eCommerce trainer, designer and other internet related works.

With these amazing features and services available to all subscribers at a 50% discount rate, there is no exclusive to miss this massive opportunity.

On the Black Friday offers for 2024, the 50% discount can be availed on the site plans, account plans, templates and several others. The platform also offers users a 100% discount, that is, the platform will be completely free to user’s access but some features will be limited or excluded on this plan. On the bright side, users can access the tools and services below with no cost on the free plan;

  • Users can publish their website on Webflow’s sub-domain
  • Users will have access to create up to 2 projects for free
  • Users have access to CMS control and absolute design access
  • More than 100 hours of free tutorial
  • And all these features are available with no payment made or need of credit card information.

Webflow’s amazing offers do not end here, as the students also have a plan that is suitable for their school works and other extra curriculum activities. With up to 90% discount on the annual site plan, students can build beautiful custom designs of;

  • Portfolios
  • Prototypes
  • Class projects
  • Marketing sites
  • Landing pages and also enjoy the general features and services the platform offers.

The standard Webflow offers and their prices are;

  • The basic plan; this plan is accessible to users at a regular price of $15 per month. On this plan, users get a custom domain, 100 pages with a limited number of 25,000 visitors. The basic plan is best suited for sites that do not need CMS. With a 50% discount off this plan on the Black Friday offer, at just $7.5 per month.
  • At a cost if just $20 monthly, the CMS plan is accessible to users. On this plan, users can have a custom domain with up to 100 pages, monthly visits of up to 100,000 and 2,000 collection items. This plan is best for bloggers and websites that are content-driven. With a 50% discount off the regular price, users can access this site at just $10 per month.
  • The Business plan is best suited for high traffic sites or blogs, providing great efficiency for professional tasks and jobs. This plan offers users a custom domain with up to a million monthly visits and 10,000 collection items. It is available to users at a regular cost of $45 per month but will be accessible at only $22.5 monthly on the Black Friday offer.
  • Users can also enjoy the luxury of specifically choosing the number of visitors they want on their page. This plan is called the Enterprise plan, it allows for the use of up to 100 pages and 10,000 collection items but the limit of visitors is all up to the subscribers. The price will be related to subscribers after customization and of course, split into half, courtesy of the Black Friday discount.

There is also a 50% discount available on all Webflow eCommerce plans;

  • The Standard plan costs $42 monthly but will be available at $21 on the Black Friday offer.
  • The Plus plan normally costs $84 per month but will be availed at just $42 on the Black Friday deal.
  • The Advanced plan is normally availed at $235 per month, now you can relax as it costs just $117.5 on the Black Friday deal.

The Black Friday offers are also available on the account plans that allow for individual or group access. On any plan, individual or group subscriber-only pays half the original cost.

Some FAQs on Webflow Black Friday offers

Is there a 50% discount on all Webflow plans for the 2024 Black Friday deals?

Yes. Webflow is offering all users a 50% discount valid on the Black Friday offers only and also more discounts on Cyber Monday deals.

Is there a money-back guarantee on Webflow?

Yes. Webflow offers all subscribers a 30-day money-back guarantee. This way, users can request a refund within 30 days of payment.

Is there a demo site for Webflow?

Yes. The Webflow Showcase is a demo site for Webflow, where all sites designed and developed by the platform can be found.

Is Webflow good for eCommerce site owners?

Yes. Webflow offers a package specifically for eCommerce plans.

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