Best and Top Private Cloud Providers

Cloud hosting is an advanced web hosting style that operates with multiple servers and enables equilibrium between load speed and uptime maximization. Instead of operating with a single server, cloud hosting platforms enable users to enjoy advanced resources and services from a central source, thereby enabling the smooth running of websites and online business. The use of several servers ensures steady backup if any server that was being utilized fails or crashes. Instead of relying on a single server for the running of your website or online business, (an average Webhosting site), Cloud hosting services offer users great reliability and ensures steady functioning without glitches or downtimes, which serves the basic purpose of the platform.

Best Private Cloud Hosting

The major focus of a cloud hosting service is to provide users with the following benefits;

  • Excellent uptime
  • Easy scalability
  • Specialized resources
  • Dedicated IP Address, and several other advanced features and services.

The setup of Cloud Hosting platforms differs from that of traditional hosting sites. Standard shared hosting platforms use a set-up, where one website manages multiple websites. If the server goes down, every website operating under it goes down as well. However, Cloud hosting platforms proffer the best solutions to this disadvantage. A website is linked to several servers, which ensures uptime, even if any of the linked servers face issues. This great advantage makes Cloud hosting suitable for big websites like optimized search engines and social networks. It is also used by big online organizations and other big projects that need 100% uptime and great network speed to perform efficiently. If you will like to expand your online business or start-up corporate websites and other projects that require high traffic, Cloud hosting services are your best bet.

Who is the Top Private Cloud Provider?

There are several amazing Cloud hosting services in the online market, each posing its specified features and services, but not deviating from the main functions of a Cloud hosting site. The cloud hosting services in the online market have specified scales of operation, individually customized plans and packages, and the price difference. From our online research, we have narrowed down your choices of best Cloud hosting sits based on user ratings and reviews, so if you are having a hard time choosing from the limitless options online, this article will help you select the best option for you.

LiquidWeb Vs InMotion [Hosting Comparison]

Recently, Liquid web and InMotion have been drawing the attention of several online spectators and customers, and they are several online reviews that rate them amongst the best cloud hosting platforms with great speed and reliability. This article will carefully compare their specs, features, services and pricing system, and plans.

Liquid Web Private Cloud Hosting

Liquid web is a fully managed hosting site that provides users with great hosting services and features. The platform is focused on providing website owners with private services that proffer amazing solutions to hosting problems. Based on online reviews, Liquid web offers large online business owners and big Electronic commerce great uptime, visitors interaction and follow-up and amazing customer service. The platform is laced with several high-end specs including reliable/powerful servers, fast load time, flexibility, and wide range of customization tools, great network speed and excellent uptime. With Liquid web’s private cloud hosting, users will enjoy unlimited support from VMware and NetApp that provide them with exclusive server data centre support. Just like other cloud hosting platforms, Liquid web is built to provide users with the benefits of exclusive functions, offering them a unique combination of simple services with advanced features and specs. Users are also provided with several tenant tools and

Private cloud providers on Liquid Web provide users with multiple tenant features and tools that enable them to develop a well-structured environment to work effectively. The platform also provides users with optimum performance, reliability and all the power needed to be a top online industry or enterprise.

If you are in search of a secure environment for your work team or you would like to reduce the costs of maintaining your already owned VMware hosting, Liquid web’s Private Cloud providers will give you the best solution for your development team, providing you with all the flexibility and elasticity you’ll need.

With Liquid Web Private Cloud Providers, website owners or online business owners are provided with the following features to keep their business running smoothly.

  • Free DDoS Protection (Standard)
  • Flexibility and full customization
  • High-end NetApp SAN storage performance
  • Immediate availability on Multi-Tenant services on VMware private cloud (same day)
  • Availability of advanced Acronis backups
  • Speedy 10 GB Network route
  • Isolation with Single-Tenant support on Dedicated VMware private cloud
  • 24-hour site support from professionals

Aside from these features, business owners will enjoy more elasticity with Liquid web’s private clouds providers including;

Full Management

Liquid web’s private cloud providers take care of everything that has to do with infrastructural hosting matters, the cloud hosting platform and the hardware environment, which enables website owners to concentrate on applications and VMs.

Availability of High-end infrastructure

Liquid Web private cloud provider is built with super-speedy NetApp SAN storage performance and a 10-Gigabyte capacity for excellent speed, designed on enterprise hardware.

Standard pricing with No Contract

The private cloud provider platform has a very predictable price plan, that takes into consideration tools and features that may be needed or not, without additional costs or dedicated hardware.

There are two packages on Liquid web’s private cloud provider, which allows you to select an environment that suits your desired tools and features for the management of your development team. As your business grows, your needs will and you will need the services of the cloud provider on a larger scale, with either infrastructure aid or not.  The Multi-Tenant VMware private cloud and Dedicated WMware private cloud offer users different managerial services, which are;

Multi-Tenant VMware Private Cloud Hosting

The Multi-Tenant VMware Private cloud plan is accessible to visitors starting at $510 per month. It grants users access to immediate availability (same day), with pricing based on selected resources. Users have access to 12 vCPUs, 32 GB memory space and 1000GB storage capacity and other advanced tools and services.

Dedicated VMware Private Cloud Hosting

The dedicated VMware private cloud plan provides users with a single-tenant isolation platform and dedicated server tools. Running on 64 cores with up to 256GB memory capacity and 2.5 TB SAN storage capacity, users are assured of the best speed and reliability, starting at $1599 per month. Of course, there are several other excellent features and services on this plan, users can be ultimately flexible with their work environment.

The Multi-Tenant VMware and Dedicated VMware Private Cloud hosting can be customized based on customers/user’s preference or scale of needs, so users have the option to be flexible with their network, storage space, memory space and speed requirements.

Liquid web private cloud providers provide users with an exclusive virtual data centre with support from VMware and NetApp. If you are in search of a secure environment for your work team or you would like to reduce the costs of maintaining your already owned VMware hosting, Liquid web’s Private Cloud providers will give you the best solution for your development team, providing you with all the flexibility and elasticity you’ll be needing.

Some frequently asked questions on Liquid Web’s Private Cloud hosting include;

What is the difference between the custom options on the Multi-Tenant and Dedicated packages on Liquid Web Private cloud hosting?

The Multi-Tenant package offers users several enterprise-level servers that gather their resources and create virtual data centres for users, which provides them with advanced resources and services and reduces cost. On the Multi-Tenant package, users are obliged to pay for only resources they need to operate. However, the Dedicated package provides users with an extremely private/isolated environment that, has all the resources of the multiple single-tenant dedicated servers which are allocated to users exclusively.

What differentiates Liquid Web Private Cloud VMware hosting from Private VPS hosting?

VMware private cloud hosting is powered by VMware and NetApp, and it provides users with more advanced cloud solutions that are capable of meeting the requirements of the most demanding organizations and self-manageable virtual data centre. The Private VPS Cloud hosting provide users with features and services that enable them to create and manage Virtual Private Servers.

What management services are offered by Liquid web’s VMware private cloud hosting?

VMware private cloud hosting manages all infrastructures and resources of an organization, with 24-hour monitoring and operations.

The Pros and Cons of Liquid web’s VMware Private Cloud hosting based on internet reviews include;


  • Great online presence 
  • Excellent customer support
  • Excellent portal management UI


  • It is quite expensive 

InMotion Private Cloud Hosting

InMotion Private Cloud hosting is another excellent cloud hosting platform that provides users with the solutions needed to compute cloud-based operations in a secure environment. The platform is integrated with all Flex Metal Private Clouds, whose basis of operation revolves around an advanced OpenStack Cloud that grant user’s access to full cloud hosting operations. An individual Flex Metal Cloud on InMotion Private Cloud hosting is made up of a 3 or 5 serversHyper-converged OpenStack Cloud, which can compute, manage private networking and private cloud storage, and control the cloud panel individually or under one Private cloud core.

InMotion Private Cloud hosting provides users with a scalable hosting solution that is available on demand. It is a cost-efficient platform that operates with converged nodes, therefore providing resources to compute and store data with savings. It also offers users the option to add storage clouds if the available disk space is intensive and deploy another converged network dedicated to specific operations.

Some of the features and services available on InMotion Private Cloud Hosting include;

Super connectivity

InMotion Private Cloud hosting service provides users with an average bandwidth of 200GB, with up to 20GB bandwidth allocated to separate servers and a direct public cloud peering.

Central control of clouds from separate regions

One of the basic functions of InMotion Private Cloud hosting is to centralize clouds from different regions and have ultimate control over its functions.

Cost-efficient and reliable

InMotion Private Cloud hosting provides users with several separate clouds that ensure a simple networking process, with reliable performance and savings.

These services are possible due to the partnership between reliable cloud providers operating with different clouds and regions.

With the integration of OpenStack services on InMotion Private Cloud hosting, users are provided with more unique services and features including;

APIs and CLI

OpenStack providesInMotion Private Cloud hosting with the functionality for administering the hosted private cloud resources, which are available firstly via API, then later CLI leverages are added to provide cloud administrators with fast and easy access.

Cloud Management phase

This function provides users with a web-based Graphic User Interface that enable them to gain access to resources that have been assigned to them. The users of the website or organization hosted by InMotion Private Cloud hosting will have access to networks, developing VMs, firewall rules and more if they have been granted permission by the administrators.

HEAT Arrangement/Orchestration

HEAT arrange the resources on a cloud application according to the available templates as text files that can be regarded as codes, thereby creating a compatible query API between THE OpenStack and CloudFormation APIs.

There are several other features and services including;

  • NOVA – Compute
  • CINDER – Block Storage
  • SWIFT – Object Storage Access
  • NEUTRON – Network as a service
  • KEYSTONE – Identity authentication system
  • GLANCE – Virtual Machine Images

Users have several cloud hosting options to select from on InMotion private cloud hosting including;

OpenSource On-demand Private Cloud Hosting

On this package, users can create private clouds of any size, on-demand. Users can enjoy the services and features of the cloud hosting site for minutes, weeks or days, depending on how long they need the services. The hosting plans in this package include;

Cloud Core – Small

This plan includes 3 hyper-converged servers, which is great for training purposes. The services on this plan are suitable for small production clouds and training clouds. This plan is accessible at $24.96 per day and can be renewed based on the organization’s needs. With Xeon E3 – 3.50Ghz/3.90Ghz Turbo 4C/8T, 960GB storage space and 64GB memory with 2×1 Gbit. This plan is designed to provide small organizations with all the tools they need for maximum functionality. 

Cloud Core – Standard

This plan provides users with up to 128GB memory capacity, 3.2TB storage space, 2×10 Gbit. It is accessible at $56.64 per day and includes 3 servers with Xeon D – 2.20/3.90Ghz. With this plan, users can perform high-end tasks.

Hyper-converged Infrastructure laaS

This function is designed to provide users with infrastructures that enable scalability based on the users hybrid IT needs. Users can customize and scale their resources based on their needs, across regions to hundreds of servers and thousands of VM’s with an excellent storage capacity of up to terabytes. With the features and services available on this package, users can create custom deployments using converged clouds and Bare Metal Servers. Users will enjoy benefits such as privacy first resources/infrastructure, consistent resources after deployment, easy infrastructure development and scalability, and more.

Frequently asked questions on InMotion private cloud hosting services 

How do I get servers on InMotion private cloud hosting?

There are two ways to get servers on the platform. You can either request through an API call or the Flex metal central. The first option is recommended as it enables you to script the deployment of the hardware to be used. 

What will I get billed?

Billing comes after seven days of the previous usage.

Can a budget be set for the servers to be used?

Yes. You can set a budget on InMotion private cloud hosting to limit costs and keep your team operating within the budget.

Based on popular reviews, below are the pros and cons of InMotion Private Cloud hosting


  • Great customer support
  • Ease of use
  • Limitless bandwidth length 


  • No free backups
  • Doesn’t offer the best speed
  • Uptime is not 100%

Liquid Web VMware private cloud hosting and InMotion Private Cloud hosting are both great cloud hosting platforms with specialized tools and services. They have different specs and technological modification and make-up; however, they serve the same purpose but operate at different prices and have different cost benefits, prices and package. Choosing your preferred private cloud hosting site from these two should be a lot easier as they both serve the main function of providing a secure work environment with great uptime, network speed and multiple server support.

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