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TeslaThemes is a Polish-based company which offers you a range of premium WordPress themes. The company creates and sells WordPress themes that are beautiful and have a modern look, with clean designs and powerful features.

For personal use, you can choose a unique theme for your business or blog from a collection of 56 premium themes. Whatever your imagination is, you are definitely going to find a theme that matches it. For agencies or developers who code for a living, you get the option of subscribing as a member to get access to all the 56 premium WordPress themes.

You also get 2 new themes every month which you can pick for your next project ensuring that your clients will never end up with websites that look alike. You will not get into any license conflicts.

TeslaThemes have their own framework which powers all of their themes. The themes can be used for business, blogs, portfolio, creative agency, ecommerce, and design studio among many other functions. Taking all the features into account, the prices offered for the themes is extremely reasonable. You can get the Starter package which goes for $48 per theme and is perfect for beginners, $59 per year for the Standard value pack, $79 per year for Developer package and $199 for lifetime access.


Responsive design

The themes are designed to fit ideally to any type of screen irrespective of the screen size and resolution. This means that the screen will adjust itself accordingly depending on the device that you are using i.e. smartphone, laptop, tablet or desktop computers. You will always have a great looking site for all the visitors.

Main page slider

The latest JQuery library, CSS3 and HTML5, have been used to achieve some of the best transition and visual effects. Some thumbnails have also been added just below the main slider. You will be able to customize all the images of the slider as well as their descriptions and titles.

Filterable portfolio

A portfolio that is filterable and animated is included in the in the template, which showcases all your current work in quite an amazing and stylish manner. All the items that are within the portfolio will have a brief introduction about the project, an image slider and other related works.

Built-in short codes

TeslaThemes have created a rich set of shortcodes which help to facilitate the creative process of new elements without the need for web development skills. The shortcodes can be used to create sliders, testimonials, buttons, contact forms, maps, columns, projects, and many more items.

Social media support

Nearly all of the popular social media platforms are integrated with all the themes. They include Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Dribble and LinkedIn among others. You can even include feed from your Twitter account within your template, in dedicated areas.

Flickr Gallery

You can also integrate your photo stream from Flickr, directly into your design. The process of doing this is by simply pasting the Flickr ID and selecting the number of pictures that you want displayed, letting all your visitors get access to your amazing photos.

AJAX contact form

This is another very useful feature which allows the users to instantly send their messages without having to reload the current web page that they are on. The contact form is thus made to be a prompt and very useful channel for getting feedback from your visitors.

Google maps

Google Maps is currently the most popular service used to represent the geographical location any place. It is integrated with the TeslaThemes and all you have to do get your code from the Google Maps and paste it so as to embed your physical location in the website.

YouTube support

YouTube is currently the most popular platforms for watching videos online. TeslaThemes allows you to integrate it in your website such that users can watch your videos on YouTube through your website.

Search function

The TeslaThemes come with search capabilities that will allow a user to find anything that is within the website by simply typing a related word. The search can filter the results or categorize them in popular posts, recent posts etc.

Translation ready

The themes are all translation ready, meaning that they can be translated into any preferred language to suit the preference of its users. This makes it a valuable tool for all users, irrespective of where they come from or what language they understand.

User friendly

The themes are designed to make your website extremely user friendly. This applies to the developer as well as all the codes are well commented, making the development process to be easy.

Customer support

All the themes come with detailed documentations that will guide you on how to set up your WordPress site. You are likely to find all the help that you will need from these documents. Just in case you need more help, you can visit the active TeslaThemes forum or contact the customer support team through contact forms.

Tesla Login Customizer

This allows you to customize the boring default grey space that is displayed by WordPress during login to the Admin area. The login page will take only a few minutes to customize without any coding skill required. You can make it look more professional and unique, blending it nicely with your identity or brand.


TeslaThemes already have thousands of members who can testify of the great features that the themes offer. It is one of the easiest and effective way of making your website look and feel exactly how you want it to, with a good number of powerful features. The advantages that come with the themes are numerous, making it highly recommended to everyone, even those without good coding skills.

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