StudioPress & Genesis Black Friday Deals 2024 {20% OFF}

Choosing the best theme provider for your website is very important. A theme that is designed and coded poorly might have very devastating effects on not only your sales and visitors, but on your brand as well. A theme that is perfectly done on the other hand, will get you exactly the opposite, more and more sales with your brand getting a good reputation.

StudioPress is the best solution and most accepted by the WordPress community. They are popularly known for Genesis Framework which empowers anyone to build incredible WordPress websites in a quick and easy way.

Genesis Theme Black Friday Features

  • Search Engine Optimization

The code used as well as the smart design architecture will ensure that all the search engines can see your content easily. This will save you a lot of money that would otherwise be invested in more optimization for your site to rank at the top. Genesis also supports code which enables you to output microdata in the code of your site, enhancing you’re your SEO even further. You can view it as a simplified Google Authorship Identification.

  • Responsive turnkey designs.

All the beautiful themes offered by Genesis are sleek and professional designs which will provide the perfect touch for your content needs to standout. The themes are compatible with HTML and are mobile-responsive as well. HTML5 is the new code standard that will ensure website remains compatible with any of the near future web changes. It also ensures cross-browser compatibility. Being responsive, it makes your website more user friendly and improves the ability of the site to deliver both video and audio. It is also completely extensible meaning that you can make the site to behave like a mobile application.

Child theme can be used to instantly update how your site looks, without touching any of the search engine optimization benefits and the core Genesis functionality. Simply put, changing the appearance of your site can be done in a snap without any need for a designer or developer. You can actually even radically change your site’s look every week if you wish to do so and still maintain or improve your rankings.

  • Everything is unlimited

Whatever you need, you will get it in an unlimited supply, ranging from support, to updates and number of websites. There is no developer option here.All these comes at one low price to offer you unparalleled value. You get a lifetime access to the very friendly and professional team of customer support who are always ready to provide all kinds of solutions related to the product.

  • Airtight security

Security is always one of the major concerns when it comes to websites. A WordPress website can be vulnerable to someone who would wish to exploit or take your site down for some malicious reasons. The process of handling hackers is quite expensive and time consuming as well with your reputation being on the line. It is for this reason that StudioPress brought the core WordPress developer and security expert Mark Jaquith to ensure that the Genesis Framework has impermeable security.

  • Instant site update

One of the main loopholes that allows for website hacking is usually failure to update the sites. The owners of the sites might fail to update because it feels a little complicated and might come with some issues that they can’t be able to handle. StudioPress makes updating to the current version of Genesis and WordPress as easy as it can possibly be. Everything is already integrated meaning that you will not even need your developer for this task. A click of a button is all you have to do. All updates are thoroughly tested to ensure that you encounter no problems. For multiple sites, the framework works nicely with the turnkey child theme designs to ensure that your site looks exactly how you want it to look while the important codes update quickly in the background.

  • Customization and speed

Genesis has some features that will simplify the process of customization to suit all your specific needs and preferences. If you decide to change all that later, a few clicks is all you will need to go through to create new sections and functions. Unlike other frameworks, performance options are not sacrificed in any way.

Genesis is made to be clean and lightweight to avoid slowing down a site. The load time for web pages usually get described in seconds but for the sites build on Genesis, milliseconds is what is used. For customization, you will get ready widgets which add powerful functionality to the site, theme options which allows you to change site layout and color schemes, and comment functionality. The site will also be set ready for advertisements with auto-sized featured images as well.

  • Custom widgets and layout options

Genesis Framework has the ability to handle widgets more than just the sidebar, leading to the development of custom widgets that can be used in any preferred area of your site. It also allows you to mix and match your layout, meaning that all your individual posts or pages can have its own layout. The custom widgets that are available with Genesis Framework are user profile, featured posts and featured page.

A list of the themes included are Digital, Atmosphere, Interior, Altitude, Parallax, Showcase, Glam, Workstation, Brunch, Author, Modern Studio, Simply, Agency, Jessica, Magazine, Metro Foodie, Pretty, Executive, Aspire, Café, No Sidebar, Divine, Sixteen Nine, AgentPress, Kickstart, Daily Dish, Eleven40, Beautiful, News, Lifestyle, Enterprise, Pretty Chic, Minimum, Centric, Remobile, Generate, White Space, Ambience, Modern Portfolio, Outreach, Education, Winter Song, Streamline, The 411, Expose, Focus and Going Green pro themes.


If you are intending to build a website that will really give the best value for your time, money, and effort, then you should really take no risks or chances playing guinea pig. Simply go for the best and proven themes in the market and enjoy all the benefits that come along with it. Genesis framework and StudioPress themes come very highly recommended and will definitely not disappoint you.

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