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Finding products that will offer you high profit margins, as well as finding low cost suppliers are the key factors that determines how much money you make selling online. If done right, you can successfully build a work-at-home business and earn very lucrative amounts from it. In simple words, you can make a living buying products at a low price and resell them via websites such as Amazon or eBay.

One of the best ways of getting products at lower rates is buying them in bulk. This allows you to get a wholesale price and puts you in a position to even ask for some more discount. You will then break the bulk and sell the product in smaller units and at retail prices, making your profit in the process. The obvious question to ask at this point would be, where are those cheap products found?

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The most obvious and common solution for many is to try searching on Google. This does not really work as majority of the best suppliers never show up on Google. Their supply jobs are usually doing so well that they don’t really need to do anything about marketing.

You are also likely to find a lot of scammers from the search engines. Being a fake wholesaler is quite easy and lucrative making them quite a lot on the internet. They put in so much effort to look legitimate and it works. Telling them apart from the real wholesalers is not quite easy and the chances of you losing your hard earned money are quite high.

When you get the real suppliers from the search engines, another problem arises. The prices that they offer are usually not cheap. They term the prices as wholesale but in real sense, they are not. After all, they have to pay themselves for the marketing that they have done to appear and rank highly on the search engines, a cost that is passed on to you. This only means that they also have a better supplier, who is ultimately the person that you need to find. Though possible, it might take you even weeks of getting dead ends and frustrations to get the suppliers who are acceptable. There must be a better way to go about this entire process.

Will you get customers for your products?

Once you get the desired supplier, you are faced with yet another problem, knowing whether people will buy whatever it is that you are selling. It will not do you any good if you get the products cheaply and then find no one to sell them to. Below are a few tips showing you what you should not sell.

  • Do not sell what you simply just think will work. It might just work inside your head but will be a total failure in the real market. This is more so when almost everyone else has a similar idea. Make sure the decision is made on facts. Avoid hunches.
  • Do not sell a product that everyone else is selling. Your profits will be reduced to minimum when you have to compete with many other sellers. Getting products that have minimal competition improves your chances of making more and easy profit.
  • Don’t sell things that no one really wants. There must be a great supply of regular buyers for you to make regular sales. You will get stuck with you inventory if no one really wants what you are selling or the price at which you are selling.
  • Simply choose something that has a high demand but with a shortage of supply. That is actually the tricky part which determines a lot on how successful you will be. This is actually where you need help, and thank God, help is available.

SaleHoo: an easy and safe way of finding products and suppliers for maximum profits

SaleHoo is a tool that is used by most of the big sellers to find real wholesale suppliers and hot products. It literally gives you a list of all the best of suppliers, helping you to save time while avoiding all the associated risks. It will also tell you ahead of time whether or not your product will be a hot seller. No more taking chances on a product that might end up being a dud.

Features of SaleHoo

  • Wholesaler directory

It will offer you a list of wholesalers who are real, low-cost and verified to be legitimate wholesale suppliers. The number of verified suppliers in the SaleHoo directory is more than 8000.

  • Market research labs

It will help you to discover products that are the most profitable to sell. There are more than 1.6 million products that have genuine wholesale prices.

  • Search function

You can easily find exactly what you are looking for through the easy-to-search directory that makes it super easy to get the product type and supplier that you need. You can search for products and brands directly, use some advanced filters to get the perfect match or simply just browse.

  • Drop shipping

There are many suppliers in SaleHoo who allows drop-shipping. You get to sell without having any start-up money, the ultimate no-risk venture.

SaleHoo Market Research Labs

This is a very effective tool that will come in handy when you are stuck on what to sell. It will help you crunch the numbers and find products that have high sales and very low competition, helping you to maximize on profits.


You will get access to all the support that you may need, ensuring that you get everything right the very first time. A Smart Seller Training is the guide provided to take you through everything.


The solution to all your research problems concerning finding genuine products and wholesalers all lies in SaleHoo. The only question is whether or not you want to make lots of money. It comes very highly recommended and will definitely make all your work easier.

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