Leadpages Black Friday Deal 2024 – Just $1 for 60 Days

With the 2024 Leadpages black Friday offer, you get the best deals and a great bargain for your money as Leadpages offers you an exclusive treat that is included in all plans with all benefits intact.

You pay just $1 for 2months with no restrictive terms and conditions, no coupon needed and a 30-day money-back guarantee

If you are still in search of a landing page builder that will help you yield a high conversion rate for your landing page and increase the sales of your products and demand for your services, then this is your grand opportunity.

You can buy the services of this exclusive landing page builder at almost no cost with the unbelievable offer you get from its black Friday sale.

Unlike most black Friday deals, the Leadpages black Friday offer is both convenient and stress-free for all customers as the deal is this easy:

Leadpages Black Friday Offer 2024

You may be wondering why such an offer is up for one of the best landing page builders, it is because the Leadpages black Friday offer is an effective strategy that boosts customers interference positively, as well as sales. This way, the service providers and the customers will find a common ground as the customers’ needs are met and there’s an increment in sales.

The discounted deal of $1 for 2 months/60 days is available to all subscription packages regardless of its actual price and duration.  Of course, you read that correctly.

This means that you can get your Leadpages black Friday offer on a 60-day trial at $1 only for the following plans:

  • Standard/BasicPlan: This plan is available to users at $25.00. Users can gain access to conversion tools which enables them to generate leads for their landing page. But for the first 60 days, you can enjoy high conversion rates at $1.
  • PRO: You can unlock the amazing features of this plan, starting with a 60 day trial at $1 to enjoy great sales,optimization, and test with the exclusive tools working for you. This plan is available to users at $48 after the leadpages Black Friday offer.
  • Advanced: Serve your clients the best way possible as this plan offers you advanced features and tools to build your landing page to its peak. It is available to users at $199 after a 60 day trial at $1.

The leadpages black Friday dal offers users the usual exclusive features which include:

  • Drag and drop tool for convenient movement and control
  • Quick hosting of web
  • Lead pop-ups and capture
  • Sub accounts
  • Split testing
  • HTML edits
  • A/B Analytics
  • Templates for mobile devices
  • Flexibility; it is designed to support all devices
  • Great customer’s service and a 24-hour tech support

With the leadpages black Friday offer, you are saving a lot. Therefore, you should ensure you choose the plan that will meet your needs of the landing page user best.

To activate the leadpages black Friday offer for 2024, follow the steps below:

  • Go to this link
  • Select your preferred plan from the 3 different packages available. You can easily compare the packages with reviews available online.
  • Fill the form that requires some personal information and add  your login detail
  • Select the NEXT which will redirect you to the payment page
  • Add your credit card details to enable your payment and then your postal code
  • On the payment page, you can activate the leadpages black Friday coupon and the discount will be offered immediately
  • Choose your preferred payment option and complete the subscription on your preferred plan.

After subscribing to your preferred plan, you can check your email and follow the instructions to install the necessary plugins and settings on your website to enjoy the best experience with Leadpages.

FAQs on Leadpages Black Friday Offer

Some frequently asked questions on Leadpages black Friday offer includes:

Can I change Template Designs with this plan?

Yes. As a premium subscriber or a user under trial, you are allowed to make changes to your account and this includes switching templates.

Is it compulsory to provide my credit card details for the activation of the Leadpages Black Friday trial for 60 days?

The payment options available to leadpages subscribers include Paypal and credit card payments. If you choose the credit card option, it is compulsory to provide the information required. If you choose the Paypal option, your credit card information is not required.

NOTE: Personal detail and credit card information is safe.

Is it possible to host leadpages on my server, just like WordPress?

Yes. You can connect your domain to the server, which will enable you to host leadpages on your server. Contact leadpages customer assistance/support for technical support if you experience difficulties with the connection.

Can I cancel my leadpages subscription anytime? If I do, will I get a refund?

Yes. If you are on trial, then you can cancel your subscription at any time. However, your money cannot be refunded once it is paid. You can deactivate your account before the trial ends to avoid deduction for monthly subscriptions and reactivate it when you need the services of the landing page builder.

How long does the black Friday offer last for?

Leadpages Black Friday offer lasts for 60 days.

Does leadpages cost $1 for 60 days?

Yes. Leadpages offers users a Black Friday deal that costs $1 for a period of 60 days after 60 days, the actual price of your preferred package will be required monthly for leadpages services.

Which Leadpages plan is best?

The 3 plans offer exclusive features and high conversion rate outputs to users. However, the subscription plans vary as they rank differently and have different cost price. You should choose a plan that best suits your budget and needs.

Can I upgrade my plan?

Yes. You can upgrade your leadpages plan anytime.

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