Best Leadpages Alternatives in 2021 (Free Included)

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Leadpages is an excellent landing page builder that enables website owners to create high conversion landing pages and boost sales. This landing page builder is most famous for its amazing features that offer beginners ease of use with tools like drag and drop builder and exclusive benefits including free trials, the best customer service, quick and easy landing page creation, actionable analytics and several other features and services that warrants for its popularity and high usage amongst both new bloggers and big online business owners. Although Leadpages provides users with several amazing services, it has its downsides and its overall package may not fit your need of it. The Pros and Cons of Leadpages include;


  • Affordability
  • Ease of use for beginners
  • Unlimited traffic generation
  • Option to filter templates based on conversion rate
  • Solid integration options


  • No option for enterprise
  • Limited form options and lack of customization
  • Limited split testing on the standard plan

Best Leadpages Alternatives For Landing Page Creation

Since Leadpages does not ace every aspect of its functions, several other landing page builders in the online market enable website and online business owners to explore alternatives to Leadpages. Some highly recommended Leadpages alternatives include;


With several landing page builders in the market, there are several amazing options to select from and Unbounce is one of such. One of the highlights of this landing page builder is the fact that it’s strictly a conversion-driven platform with built-in tools that are designed to get leads and several other advanced features, which makes it a great deal on the several Leadpages alternatives. With its AI optimization, unlimited split testing as well as popups and sticky bars amongst others, website owners have a surety on the platform’s performance.

Some of the features available on Unbounce and their functions include;

Landing page; Unbounce offers great landing page functions with an advanced landing page builder and several amazing tools at user’s disposal. Some of these tools include;

  • The drag and drop builder that enable users to easily customize any section of their landing pages with very simple functions.
  • With over 100 templates, users can easily build pages with the in-built templates or start from scratch based on their preference.
  • Another great way to save time with Unbounce is with its Clone and edit function that allows users to duplicate or any of their successful landing pages for new tasks.
  • With the copy and paste feature on Unbounce, users can simply copy and paste elements from an already made landing page to another instead of creating another from the scratch.
  • Users have absolute control on the landing page builder with full customization access down to every detail.
  • With Unbounce WP Landing page plugin, users can easily publish landing pages directly from their WordPress site or a custom domain.

Popups and Sticky bars;users can easily create popups and sticky bars that enable them to generate leads and increase conversion rates. With the drag and drop builder on Unbounce, users can speedily create popups and sticky bars and also shuffle through the several template options available on the platform or build popups and sticky bars from the scratch. There are other amazing features for popups and sticky bars on Unbounce that includes; selecting who sees the popups, how and when they can see popups and the triggers as well as an automated schedule campaign that automatically selects and shows top promotions.

Split testing; users can conveniently test and improve landing pages with the platform’s A/B testing that is accessible on all the plans of Unbounce which enable users to optimise landing pages and popups to their maximum capability. With just a few clicks users can test different pages set to their preferred variation with no limitations regardless of the plan.

Reports and Analytics; with regular reports and analytics users can measure the performance on their landing pages and split testing directly from the Unbounce dashboard, however, the best results can be gotten from integration with a Google Analytics plugin.

Other amazing functions of Unbounce include;

  • Website owners can determine the relevant keywords and searches on their page as they can match the content on their page to visitor’s search which enables conversion increment.
  • With the AI optimization users enjoy the advanced tool that enables automated sending of traffic to the most important landing pages with the AI algorithm automatically optimizing from 50 visits, immediate increase in conversion without the statistical significant reports on tests and the fastest variations all thanks to the Smart Traffic function available on the platform
  • Users can also create Automated Mobile Pages that offer speedy loads with up to 85% extra speed compared to Standard Mobile Pages and regular updates on the latest AMP standards.
  • Website owners can also create and add forms to their landing pages with lead form builder.

Unbounce Pricing

There are three plans on Unbounce that allow users to gain access to most of its features on some and all the features on the most advanced plan. The plans include;

Launch; this plan is most suitable for small online businesses and new bloggerswith unlimited landing pages, popups and sticky bars. It is accessible from just $79 per month with up to 20,000 monthly visits, 500 conversions, one domain use and 2 users. This plan gives the subscriber access to most of the features available on Unbounce but has some restrictions on the AMP landing pages, advanced scheduling and targeting, smart traffic and dedicated support.

Optimize; is accessible at $120 and it offers users up to 30,000 monthly visits, 1,000 conversions and 3 domains with multiple users and allows for clients sub-accounts with only the exceptions of AMP and Advanced targeting and scheduling.

Accelerate; is available to users at $200 monthly and offer users access to all the features on Unbounce with up to 2,000 conversions, 40,000 monthly visits and 7 domain uses as well as all other feature on the Optimize plan.

Scale; is the most advanced plan on Unbounce that offer users up to 3,000 conversions, 50,000 visitors and 15 domain use with all features available on Accelerate. This plan is most suitable for large business owners with extremely high traffic and conversions.

As stated earlier, Unbounce is agreat landing page builder, but it comes with its quirks. The Pros and Cons of Unbounce based on online reviews and user feedbacks include;


  • Quick and easy landing page creation and publishing
  • Users can easily create variants for testing
  • Users have access to excellent templates and third-party sources
  • The platform is customizable
  • A/B testing function is superb


  • The form builder on Unbounce lacks some core features
  • Split testing cannot be done on landing pages created outside Unbounce
  • Goals cannot be properly tracked on Unbounce since there is no option to add custom classes.

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Instapage is another amazing landing page builder that allows users to create effective landing pages, generate more leads and boost sales of products online and is therefore an amazing leadpagesalternative.The platform provides users with professional tools and several templates that produce high conversion rates with little effort. The platform offers users several amazing features and services that enable users to improve their website based on visitor’s data and contribution. Some of the features available on Instapage include;

Templates; Although Instapage’s marketing content promotes the idea that the platform offers over 200 templates, users have confirmed that the templates available on Instapage are about 80 and they are of very good designs and functions. With these templates, users can build landing pages and create popups and sticky bars within a couple of minutes and may also start from scratch if they wish to. The templates offer users different options and sections for landing page building such as sales form, app downloads, event registration, signup forms and even basic functions like thank you notes with several filters that allow for editing and customization.

Drag and Drop Builder; with the drag and drop feature on Instapage, users can easily create and edit landing pages with the option to place elements of the page, anywhere on the platform, even on top of another. This feature allows users to fully configure their landing pages to their preferred structure and presentation.

Customization Tools; Instapage offer users a wide range of customization options with exciting properties and tools and the option to add custom CSS to a page’s content as well as custom JavaScript for better landing page functionality.

With Instablocks, an Instapage feature that offers user’s great time-saving functions for speedy creation of multiple landing pages and enables users to build a series of assets and blocks that are reusable, create as many landing pages as they want in a matter of minutes. This feature also includes other amazing functions including the creation of CTA, page headers and footers and any other content a user may want to use on multiple pages with the platform.

Landing Page Tools; Instapage provides users with several amazing landing page tools/widget that enable users to add a range of elements into their landing pages. The process is very easy as a user can simply click on either of the widgets on the sidebar menu of the Editor and immediately drop the element anywhere on the canvas and move it to anywhere on the page. The widgets available on Instapage include;

  • Forms
  • Buttons
  • Paragraphs
  • Headlines
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Straight lines (vertical and horizontal)
  • Boxes
  • Timers
  • Circles and
  • HTML widgets

Mobile-Friendly Designs; with Instapage, users can easily switch to the mobile view of a page as the platform is set to be mobile-friendly by default and can be modified to suit only mobile users access, however, 2 different versions of a page cannot be created, so users can only hide elements they do not want visible to a set of the device.

Integration Options; instapage offer users a wide variety of analytics tools, webinar providers and email marketing amongst other third-party solutions that aid sale promotions and connections with other apps online.

A/B Testing;  the landing page builder also allow users run split tests on their landing pages and also enable them to create new copies of a landing page with simple edits on elements such as CTA and then provide different versions of the landing pages to visitors to determine which is more acceptable to visitors.

Tracking and Report; users can track/monitor the performance of a landing page with the in-built heatmap tool, which could also provide reasons for degenerating leads and fall-backs of landing pages to users which helps in improvement of areas that need restructuring. Heatmap also provides users with details on conversion rates and other analytics data that tracks a landing page’s performance.

Aside from these amazing features, users also enjoy other benefits on Instapage including;

  • Multiple-use or collaboration on a project/the same landing page with documentation of the work progress, communication and possible changes made on the project.
  • Users are also provided with support for the creation of Google AMP landing pages and the option to integrate landing pages with Google AdWords that allow users to monitor advertising data inside their instapage dashboard.

Instapage Pricing

Instapage offer users two plans with one having full customization options of a user’s specific needs of the platform.

Business; the Business plan offers users the needed tools and elements needed to create and optimize post-click pages for high conversion rates. The plan costs $149 per month with unlimited conversions, conversion analytics, AdMap, Heatmaps, Split testing and several other amazing features. With up to 30,000 visits per month, up to 5 workspace and users with 30 landing page experience, the plan offers a pretty great function for both small and large businesses.

The Enterprise plan provides subscribers with the option to customize their needed features from the several features available on the plan with the price solely based on their customization.

There is no doubt that Instapage offers amazing features and services for landing page building and several other functions, however, the builder has its downsides and these factors need to be considered before deciding if it suits your needs of it. The pros and cons of Instapage include;


  • Instapage provides users with a wide variety of professional templates
  • Users can deliver files and sell items from through their landing pages
  • It offers great ease of use for beginners
  • Moderate mobile support
  • Several helpful online documentations
  • Instpage offers a great platform for good collaboration of team members.


  • Instapage does not offer as many templates like some other landing page builders
  • The platform does not offer a wide range of plans.
  • eCommerce options are slightly limited
  • The price is quite high

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Clickfunnel is an online landing page builder that boosts online sales funnels and improves business with advanced marketing strategies, therby providing a good leadpages alternative. The mode of operation of the platform is easy and it aims to turn website visitors into customers through the marketing funnel. Some of the features available on Clickfunnels include;

Landing Page Builder; the main function of Clickfunnels is to create a landing page and improve the conversion rate of a website although offers several other services to website users. Some of the tools on Clickfunnels page builder include;

  • Templates; The page builder offer users several in-built templates that enable them to create advanced landing pages in a matter of minutes with several editing options and settings that allow users to personalize the already-made templates.
  • Drag and drop tool; the drag and drop tool on Clickfunnels assist users in creating or editing landing pages quickly. With the easy drag and drop function, users can easily navigate through the pages and elements of the platform.
  • Template Editors and Easy Customization; one of the platform’s amazing features is its advanced tools that aid easy editing and several customization tools that gives users full control and access to any part of the landing page.

Integrations; Clickfunnels provide users with the option to integrate other marketing tools into the platform including; email integration like MailChimp, webinar, texts and several others with very easy steps. The platform is in partnership with some companies that enable easy setups of integration, some of which include;

  • Active Campaign
  • Drip
  • InfusionSoft
  • GetResponse
  • HTML form
  • GoToWebinar and several others

Payment Options; your online store is not efficient without the integration of several payment options that can be easily utilised by customers. Clickfunnels offer several payment gateways including; Stripe, Taxamo, Easy Pay Direct. ClickBank and Blue Snap amongst others.

Split Testing; split testing in landing page builders is a core feature as it helps users determine the performance of a page and the formats or patterns that are mostly acceptable by visitors. On Clickfunnels, users can easily test conversion rates and candetermine the traffic percentage they want to view different pages.

Followup Funnels; this feature is available on the Clickfunnels Platinum package that offers the best services of the platform. The Followup funnels are an automated email responder that automatically responds to emails from visitors and creates a follow-up pattern with website visitors, thence, keeping a close relationship with them. The Followup funnels come with a tool called the Backpack CRM that assists in affiliate programs and makes them easier and more reliably managed.

Clickfunnels Pricing

Clickfunnels offer subscribers three different plans with amazing offers. They are;

Click funnels; this is the most basic plan n ClickFunnels, accessible at $97 monthly. Users will have access to 20 funnels, up to 100 pages, 3 domain use, funnel flix and hacker forum and 3 payment gateways. This plan allows for a single user and does not support follow-up funnels and the weekly peer review hackathons.

Click funnels Platinum; with this plan, users will have access to unlimited funnels and pages with up to 3 users, 9 payment gateways, 9 domains and unlimited follow-up funnels. Users will have priority customer support and several other features including the weekly peer review hackathons. His plan can be availed at $297 monthly.

Two Comma Clubs; this plan provides the most advanced features and services to Clickfunnels users with unlimited access to funnels and pages, up to 10 sub-users, 27 payment gateway and every other feature on the platinum plan, accessible at $2,497 per month.

We have looked into some of the features available on Clickfunnels, but potential users should also know the downsides of this platform as it is not all sweet talk. Based on popular opinions, the pro and cons of Clickfunnels are;


  • Clickfunnels is focused on bringing profits to users as it offers several professional services
  • The drag and drop builder accounts for ease of use on the platform
  • There are several integration options
  • A/B testing is amazing


  • Clickfunnels is pricy
  • Customer service is not best with advanced questions
  • The platform could come up with bugs and outages, although not often.

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Landingi is certainly not the best landing page builder in the market, but it is a good leadpages alternative that offers users several amazing features and services that enable them to create both basic and advanced landing pages and also boosts conversion rates and sales of products. The platform provides users with great visuals and tools that as well as the ability to integrate their landing pages with third-party tools. Some of the amazing features of Landingi include;

Templates; users will have access to over 200 templates that enable them to create landing pages by simply editing them to meet their preference. They also have the option to create their landing pages from scratch and import their landing page file. Landingi offers users several templates with different industrial purposes and easy customization/editing process with the drag and drop tool.

Split Testing; with split testing, users can determine the performance of their landing pages and improve their websites and online business based on visitor’s/customer’s acceptance.

Integration; landingi is in partnership with several third-party apps that allow for the integration of the apps and tools with landing pages created on the platform. The platform also offers users several SEO tools, SSL certificates, numerous royalty-free images and several other amazing features and functions.

Drag and Drop; with the drag and drop builder, all activities on landing are made very easy and time-saving and beginners can easily manoeuvre through the pages and get quickly acquainted with the platform.

Landingi Pricing

Landing offer users up to four plans which are;

Core; this plan is availed at $29 per month and it offers users unlimited landing pages and conversions, with up to 5,000 monthly visitors, 1 custom domain, 150 landing pages and allows for multiple users. This plan, however, lacks several advanced features like popups, free images, custom HTML and more.

Create; provide users with several advanced features and services at just $55 monthly. Users get all the benefits on the core plan with up to 50,000 visitors, 10 custom domains, 200+ landing pages, popups, popup templates, 5000 free images, custom HTML and several others.

Automate; is the most advanced plan on Landingi, offering users with up to 100,000 visitors, 20 domains and smart sections in addition to other features on the Create plan, it is accessible at just $79 per month.

The plans on Langingi are very affordable and they offer users several amazing features including unlimited user accounts on all the plans. Although the features and services on Landingi may seem great, the platform also comes with hitches, which brings us to the Pros and Cons of Landingi.


  • Numerous templates
  • Great widgets
  • Lots of extra features
  • Affordability


  • The mobile view is not automatic
  • The analytics available is quite basic, although Google Analytics is supported.

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Optimizepressis a great leadpages alternative that offer users several features that enable them to create pages to generate leads and boost conversion pages. Just like other landing page builders, some main features account for the platform’s functions and they include;

  • The simple drag and drop builder that allows for easy creation of pages on the platform
  • WordPress themes and plugin support
  • Templates for time-saving creation of pages
  • Support for paysites
  • Membership sites and several others

Other advanced features on Optimizepress include;

Live Editor;Optimizepress provide users with an in-built page builder that enable users to create, edit and customize landing pages.

Templates; users will have access to about over 200 templates on the premium plan.

Custom Elements; with over 40 elements on optimizepress, users have several customization options and a responsive design that is supported by different devices as well as other amazing features.

Optimizepress Pricing

Essential; this plan is accessible at just $99 per year and it offersa user up to 250 conversion-optimized templates, single-user access, unlimited leads and traffic as well as unlimited pages more than 27 integrations.

Business; plan offer users all the features available on the Essential package and OptimizeUrgency that adds scarcity alerts to landing pages. This plan is availed at just $149 per year and offers access to 5 users on a single subscription.

Suite; is accessible at $199 per year, offering up to 20 user accounts and all features on the Business plan. OptimizeUrgency,OptimizeFunnels, OptimizeCheckouts, OptimizeLeads and Easy Split testing are all exclusive to this plan.

Pros and Cons of Optmizepress


  • Affordability
  • Ease of use
  • Great template options and designs


  • The design is quite out-dated
  • The save format is not standard
  • Falls a little behind competitors

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Getresponse is an online marketing tool that provides several amazing online options including landing page building, eCommerce options, web hosting and sales funnels. With its automation builder, users can build great-looking landing pages in a couple of minutes with advanced market automation tools and templates. Although the platform offers several services and landing pages are not its exclusive functions, it still serves the needs of landing page creation vehemently and is a good leadpages alternative. Some of the features of Getresponse landing page builder includes;

  •  Exclusive incentives that improve conversion rates and leads
  • 100+ in-built templates that enable users to design landing pages within minutes
  • Split testing that allows for up to 10 versions of a landing page
  • Image editor and several customization options and many more.

Getresponse Pricing

Basic; the basic plan is accessible at $15 per month, offering users email marketing, unlimited lead funnels and landing pages and 1 salesfunnel amongst others.

Plus; users will have all features available on the basic plan with up to 5 workflows, 5 funnels and 3 users amongst others. The Plus plan is accessible at $49 per month.

Professional; the professional plan offer users the whole plus package with up to 5 users.

The Max plan offers users several full customization options with flexibility.

Pros and Cons of Getresponse


  • Ease of use
  • Affordability
  • Advanced features and services
  • Integration with Google Analytics and other tools


  • The drag and drop interface is quite quirky
  • There is no phone support, except on the Max plan

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