Flywheel Black Friday Deal 2024 {3 Months Free}

Flywheel website hosting is not lying low, as it is offering users amazing huge discounts with its 2024 Black Friday offers. Unlike most web hosting sites, Flywheel offers users the exclusiveness of hosting on WordPress sites alone. Click here to get Flywheel black Friday offer.

So, if you are a blogger, or into an affiliate and digital marketing, e-commerce and other website-related ventures, Flywheel hosting is suitable for you.

This platform provides users with the best features and services to boost customer’s participation, sales, website visitors, and also traffic.

Best Flywheel Black Friday Offer

On the Black Friday deal, Flywheel is offering both new and already existing subscribers free web hosting with all features and services in place. On the four subscription plans available, users will enjoy free usage for 3 months on all annual purchases made with several other discounts and offers. With this offer, subscribers can enjoy a cost-efficient use as well as some new features which weren’t included in 3 plans formerly. They include;

There are 4 subscription plans available on Flywheel, and with the Flywheel Black Friday Offers, users can gain full access to the features and services of their preferred plan at a very cheap rate for a year with a 100% discount off 3months plan for a year.

The plans available on Flywheel are;

Flywheel also offers users a Custom plan that allows for flexibility and customisation. Users can choose their plan options and the specific features they need. This way, you don’t have to pay for the services that you do not need.

The Flywheel Black Friday deal is available on all Flywheel plans and can be availed through the step below;

  • Visit Flywheel official website
  • Fill in your sign in details or register if you are a new user
  • Click on the icon that reads, “Create New”
  • Provide the necessary information
  • Proceed to the payment page and select your preferred plan
  • After successful payment, you can enjoy your use on Flywheel and still save a lot.

Some of the exclusive features users will enjoy on Flywheel with the Black Friday offers to include;

  • Built-in WordPress support; Flywheel offers users an automatic WordPress activation as the site is fully managed by WordPress hosting.
  • It provides users with a section of their website that can be duplicated and used for testing with staging site benefits.
  • With its automated backup feature, files and data are automatically backed up and can be restored at any time with the user’s validation.
  • Flywheels offer free migration services and Content Delivery Network based on user location
  • With 24-hour service support, technical issues are fixed immediately and all questions and enquires is quickly answered by the smart customer’s service.
  • Flywheel provides users with maximum security, with malware-free features
  • With a simple user interface, new users will enjoy the ease of use and will conveniently get tasks done
  • Flywheel provides users with a free SSL certificate and server-side caching features
  • Users have quick and easy access to tools they need with the drag and drop feature as well as other amazing features and services.

Some FAQs on Flywheel Black Friday Deal

When will the Flywheel Black Friday deal start?

Flywheel Black Friday Offers is on. The Black Friday offers include 3 months off the subscription plan for a year. This offer is valid for all packages available on the platform as well as additional features on the plan including dedicated manager support, phone support and free migration.

Is there HTTP/2 services on Flywheel?

Yes. Users are provided with HTTP/2 services which will be available after installing SSL certificates.

Will I get free SSL certificates on Flywheel?

Yes. Users will get free Let’s Encrypt certificates which can be installed on a single click on Flywheel from the dashboard.

Can I get SSH access for my site on Flywheel?

No. users will only get STFP access on Flywheel, however, SSH access by being provided for users with the help of customer’s support.

Can I get backups for my files on Flywheel?

Yes. With the automated backup feature, users will get an automatic backup for all files and data with an easy and convenient restoration process on user’s validation.

Will I get WordPress hosting on Flywheel?

Yes. WordPress is automatically available on Flywheel; therefore, users do not need to download or install WordPress hosting and can access the services very easily.

Is there cPanel access on Flywheel?

Sadly, there is no access to Cpanel on Flywheel.

Is there multisite support on Flywheel?

Yes. There is multisite support on some subscription plans on Flywheel, which are the Freelance, Agency and Custom plan.

Is there a money-back guarantee policy on Flywheel?

Flywheel offers new users a 14-day free trial before payment. This trial help users decide on whether Flywheel is good for them or not, on every month’s subscription, subscribers have only 3 days to cancel the payment and request a refund.

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