Best Black Friday Dedicated Server 2023 {Huge Discount}

As we all know, several Webhosting platforms are offering users the huge black Friday discount on VPS, dedicated server, and shared hosting plans. The offers on different sites are amazing but since we take all offers, which do we take? In this article, we will be looking at the top 3 Black Friday deals for dedicated servers, suitable for big businesses, and fulfillment of professional tasks. Our top 3 Webhosting sites for the Dedicated Server black Friday deals are;

  • Liquidweb
  • A2 Hosting
  • FastComet


Liquidweb is one of the best hosting services in the online market and this year, it is offering both new and existing subscribers up to 60% discounts on the different hosting plans and packages, including the Dedicated Server plans. With the dedicated server on Liquidweb, users enjoy extremely high performances and ultimate security for their websites and applications. There are also several amazing services like automatic backup and convenient restoration processes, Protection against Distributed denial-of-service attacks that target and disrupt websites and online services and up to dual-processor support on request. The dedicates server package on Liquid Webhosting is made up of 5 different plans including the value bundles that allow users to save much and get the services that best suit their needs of the Webhosting platform. The plans include;

  • The Intel Xeon 1230v6; this plan is the most basic plans on Liquidweb’s dedicated server package. It is great for sites with high traffic offering the use of multiple websites and small apps with reselling options. The Intel Xeon 1230v6 runs at 3.9GHz Max on a quad-core processor. With a pair of 240 GB SSD primary disk, 1TB SATA backup disk, 32 GB RAM and 5TB bandwidth speed, this plan is set to get your new business to a professional level and satisfy your clients. Users also get 250 GB worth of Acronis Cyber Backups, this way all files and documents are secured. For a little sum of $199 per month, these features and services are available to subscribers; however, the plan can be availed much lesser with a 60% discount off the original price.
  • The Intel Xeon Gold 6226R-Single is a dedicated server plan on Liquid web that offers users great services for databases, large resellers, multiple apps and small SaaS.  It offers users a maximum speed of 3.9 Turbo running at 16 cores with two 480GB SSD primary disks and a memory capacity of 64 GB RAM. Users also have 250 GB Acronis Cyber backups for data protection and speedy services all running at a bandwidth of 8TB. This plan normally costs $299 per month, so you are sure to make great savings while subscribing during the Black Friday offer.
  • Intel Xeon Gold 6226R-Dual; this plan is great for multi-user apps, large SaaS, large databases and virtualization. It offers users all they need to manage their big business and even grow it further. At $499 per month, users have access to two 480 GB SSD primary disks, 64 GB memory space, 2 T SATA backup disks and 250GB Acronis cyber backup with a bandwidth speed of up to 8 TB. Users also get a 3.9 Max Turbo, running at a speed of 32 cores.
  • The Intel Xeon 1230v6 Value bundle with recommended add-ons offers users a cost-efficient package. On this plan, users have access to a 3.9GHz Max Turbo speed running on 4 cores and a memory capacity of 64 GB RAM. Four 240 GB SSD primary storage with hardware raid 10, 1 TB SATA backup storage and an additional 1 TB SATA file storage at a bandwidth speed of 8 TB. Users also get 500 GB Acronis cyber backup, server protection and other exclusive features at just $249 per month. The 60% discount on the Black Friday offer is also applicable to this plan.
  • Intel Xeon Gold 6226R-Singe value bundle is the last plan on Liquid Web dedicated server, offering users a 3.9 maximum turbo speed running on 16 cores, four 240 GB SSB primary storage hardware raid 10 and a memory capacity of 64 GB. Users also get 10 TB bandwidth speed, 1000GB Acronis cyber backups, 1 TB SATA backup storage and additional file storage respectively as well as other exclusive features. This plan is normally availed at $349 per month but with a 60% discount off, it is available to subscribers at cheaper rates.
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A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is another amazing Webhosting site that offers users great services with advanced features and several plans on different packages. The dedicated server plans on A2 hosting are designed with user’s flexibility at heart, providing users with the option to choose between managed servers, unmanaged servers, and discount SSD servers. The three server options have different plans, starting from different prices which allow subscribers pick plans that best suit their needs of the site and budget and there is no better time to try this “not so popular” Webhosting site than during the Black Friday offers that provide subscribers with up to 51% discount on all the packages and plans.

The unmanaged servers provide users with great customization options, allowing them to run their server as they want. So if you are a developer, using A2 Hosting and you need more resources than you get from the VPS plans, you should opt for the dedicated server options. The unmanaged servers have 3 plans suitable for new and highly professional businesses alike with amazing features like including custom software, high performance, ultra-reliable and developer-friendly interface amongst others. The plans include;

  • Sprint; on this plan, users will get up to 8GB memory capacity with two 500GB storage SSD, 10 TB transfer and intel 3.1GHz running on 2 cores. This plan is accessible at just $99.59 per month but with a 51% discount courtesy of the Black Friday offer, subscribers can more than half the price.
  • Exceed; this plan is the most popular of the A2 unmanaged dedicated server plans. At just $165.99 per month, users will have access to 8GB memory space, two 500GB storage capacity, 15TB transfers and intel Xeon 2.4GHz running on 4 cores.
  • Mach; offers users up to 16 GB memory space, two 1000GB storage and 20 TB transfer running on 8 cores. With 2 Intel Xeon 2.1GHz, users will enjoy the most reliable services and features at just $248.99 per month. Of course, you get a Black Friday discount on this plan also.

The managed server plans also offer similar packages and features with exceptional managerial services. The plans include; Sprint, Exceed and Mach and just like the unmanaged plans, these plans offer the same storage space, bandwidth, memory capacity and cores on the different categories with the addition of free SSL certificates, free cPanel services, free and simple site transfers and all HostGuard management features.

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FastComet is another amazing Webhosting site, with unbelievable Black Friday offers for 2023. This platform is offering subscribers up to 75% discount on all shared hosting plans and 30% off all VPS and dedicated servers. FastComet offers users high-performance solutions and the most advanced services for developers and other big online businesses. With up to four packages on the dedicated server plans users have the option of picking the package that best suits their need of the platform as well as their budget. Some of the amazing features available on all FastComets dedicated server plans include; unlimited website use, great storage capacity, speedy data transfer, good memory capacity and free domain transfer amongst others.

The plans on FastComets dedicated server plans include;

  • DS1; with two separate AMD EPYC 7501 cores, 4 GB memory capacity and 80GB SSD space this that offers developers great services to meet their clients need. It runs at a 4TB bandwidth speed and offers cPanel support as well as Softaculous and WHM with a 4000 Mbps network outage. It is accessible at a monthly cost of $111.19.
  • DS2; on this plan, users will have access to 160 GB SSD space, 8GB memory capacity and four AMD EPYC 7501 cores running at a bandwidth speed of 5TB. It is accessed at a cost of $135.19 per month and offers a network speed of 5000 Mbps.
  • At $183.19, the DS 3 can be accessed and users will enjoy the use of 8 AMD EPYC 7501 cores, 16GB memory capacity and a bandwidth speed of 6TB. With a great network output of up to 6000 Mbps, users can enjoy speedy network loads and great efficiency.
  • DS4; on this plan users will get 16 AMD EPYC 7501 cores, 32 GB worth of memory space and 640GB SSD space running at a bandwidth speed of 7TB. There’s also a 7000 Mbps network out as well as other exclusive services.
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We can all agree that these Webhosting sites provide amazing services with great discount offers on their respective Black Friday offers that can be accessed with no restrictive terms and conditions. With their offers carefully stated above, picking the hosting site and plan that matches your needs doesn’t seem to be so much of a problem.

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