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With the help of a good website builder, you can build and design aesthetically pleasing websites, using advanced specs and great features. Getresponse is an amazing website builder that enables users to create unique online contents with the use of artificial intelligence and cost-free technologies.

With the Getresponse website builder, users can easily describe their online businesses and personalize their visual preferences through the customization of available templates or the creation of custom designs. With the Getreponse platform, website owners have all the tools and features needed to build or design business pages, portfolios and event websites within seconds.

The process adopted on the platform is quick and easy, with the use of a drag and drop editor and several other features including;

Getresponse Website Builder – The Artificial Intelligent Wizard

One of the most amazing features of get response is its artificial intelligence feature that enables users to enjoy smart tools and automation.

The smart wizard automatically creates websites that have been personally customized for a user, based on the answers provided to several survey questions. Once a user logs in to their site, they will be prompted to answer several questions, which will be used.

Questions that could come up on the survey is usually based on the following;

  • The kind of business you run
  • The kind of website you want to build

After answering some questions, Getresponse AI Wizard will automatically recommend some elements for your site. Some of these elements include;

  • The signup form
  • Gallery
  • Contact form
  • Pricing table 
  • FAQs

After these suggestions, Getresponse AI Wizard will suggest some colour and font options for your site and prompt you to upload your logo.

There are several options for these settings on the platform, and with great customization tools, you can design beautiful websites in no time. 

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Predesigned Templates 

There are several templates available on Getresponse that enable users to customize their website easily, instead of starting from scratch, however, users have the option to design their websites from scratch if they want.

The templates available on the platform will be designed for specific industries and are grouped accordingly into sections like restaurants, portfolios, agencies and several others.

The templates on Getresponse are fully customizable and users will have no issues customizing their designs with the drag and drop editor. 

Customization tools

There are several customization tools available on Getresponse, which ensures users endless customization possibilities. With the drag and drop tool, Customization is made easier and faster, and users have access to the ready-to-use sections that enable them to incorporate some parts of their designs easily if they have limited time.

The website builder also has a Global design tool that enables users to quickly change the aesthetics of their website making instant changes to primary and secondary colours as well as fonts.

This feature also enables users to select colour combinations that best suit them without bringing about critical change to the website design.

Import Website feature 

An additional feature that will soon be available on Getresponse is the Import website tool that enables users to change a website design but retains most of the information. This tool is very helpful when a website owner wants to transfer certain aspects of information on a website to a new design.

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Optimization and Reports 

Asides from creating or building a website, you also have to work on your site’s online presence if you want your site to show good results.

Search Engine Optimization functions have become an essential part of online strategy for building and developing websites. Search Engine Optimization enables websites to develop natural traffic if it is well equipped. Using SEOs on websites is quite complex, and with Getresponse the complexity is made simpler.

The platform indicates pages on a website that need to be enhanced, by displaying results and overall scores, with suggestions for better functionality.

Getresponse uses a smart tool that measures and records website visits and creates a static report that is easily understandable. This way, users can easily make a good decision about their website without worrying about negative outcomes. 

Mobile friendly service 

Getresponse allows for mobility as website owners can access the platform through their mobile phones. A statistical report has shown that mobile phones account for about 63% share of the platform’s use.

With the website user, website owners can build their websites in a mobile-friendly manner, without the need for adjustments or additional settings. 

Domain Names

Getresponse website builder offers users domain-related services and features. Website owners can easily search for domain names that are available and purchase them directly from the website.

This service saves users from the stress of buying domains from 3rd party websites and sellers. This way, users have access to all the services they need on the platform, which improves security.

Automatic Email Marketing 

This form of email marketing may seem old fashioned, however, it provides users with pretty impressive results. Getresponse provides users with email marketing services that are suitable for big online businesses.

Email responses are automatically sent to customers when website owners do not have the time to respond personally. A feature can be set up on the platform that creates and triggers automatic email responses to enquiries made by customers, which serves as a form of advertising strategy.

The automated email marketing service is effective with planning and timing which improves your business online presence and performance. 

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GetResponse Ecommerce Marketing Automation

Building a successful eCommerce store always requires a lot of work with order processing. The more the business grows, you get more customers and profits which means more demanding work to do. Every day your business gets busier, and you are required to put in more time. With eCommerce automation, you can tackle these challenges as they arise in such times by setting automated tasks for everyday things that you should waste your time on. It is better to focus on improving your business operations than focus on little time-consuming tasks that require less human attention.

The GetResponse eCommerce marketing automation tool is very vital to every eCommerce business owner out there. It comes with a lot of amazing features that will help you automate certain tasks to afford you more time to do other things. It integrates seamlessly with some of the major eCommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce, PrestaShop, and Magento. This tool will allow you to rest assured that your online business is in good hands when it comes to an increase in growth and sales using marketing automation. Customers can no longer abandon items in their cart without getting a message from you even without you checking your orders.

Features and Benefits

There are a lot of features that come with the GetResponse eCommerce marketing tool that will leave you wondering why you still run your order processing manually. It is the easiest way to grow your eCommerce sales. Some of its awesome features include the following:

One-click integration with top eCommerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, and PrestaShop)

This tool is very easy to integrate because of its compatibility with top eCommerce systems. You can import and sync product inventory, customer data, previous orders, and other key data into GetResponse for a seamless marketing experience.

Improve sales with target accuracy using advanced customer segmentation based on available data

With the synchronized customer data, you can see their purchases, previous orders, and how they interacted with your website. Using this information, you can build precise target marketing campaigns by segmenting customers into specific groups based on their purchase behaviour.

Prompt Transaction Emails

The powerful email creator that comes with this tool allows you to set automated messages for purchase confirmations and also for those who abandon items in their carts to remind them of unfinished orders. This will help boost your sales up to 25%.

Product promo codes

You can use the promo code feature for abandoned carts, new and returning customers, sales etc. GetResponse allows you to sync all your product promo codes from your eCommerce store to its platform, where you can simply drag and drop it into autoresponders, newsletters, or automated messages.

Powerful product recommendation

The production recommendations tool is so powerful that it learns all about your customers, their preferences, and what they might need based on previous purchases made and behaviour on your websites like items they clicked on and much more. With a simple drag and drop into newsletters and emails, the tool automatically populates specially selected products for the recipient.

Popup messaging

This is one of the most attention-grabbing tools out there which plays a significant role in site conversion rate and increase in sales, and it comes with the GetResponse eCommerce marketing tool. It allows you to design popups targeted at customers with specific triggers and conditions to increase sales.

Ready-made automation templates

The prebuilt templates enable you to quickly edit and send out messages to new customers, recommend new products, abandoned carts, and customer behavioural targeting.


This feature allows you to use the various marketing tools available all at once such as email, SMS, web push notifications, and popups for customer campaigns that will improve sales and growth.

New GetResponse Pricing Plans

GetResponse has updated its pricing plans to align with the needs of every customer. There is a Free plan that can be used forever without paying a penny but it comes with limited tools. There is also an Email Marketing plan, a Marketing Automation Plan and the new eCommerce Marketing plan.

Free Plan: It allows users to enjoy all the GetResponse features for 30 days after which you will be limited. You get free access to the website builder, signup forms and unlimited newsletters with 500 contacts.

Email Marketing Plan: This plan is just best for small businesses and start-up companies. It offers you access to a website builder, unlimited landing pages, email scheduling and integration tools, and basic customer segmentation.

Marketing Automation: This is a great plan for an ongoing email marketing campaign as it offers you access to advanced customer segmentation, sales funnel, customer scoring, event-based automation, webinars, and marketing automation.

New eCommerce Marketing Plan: This is an advanced marketing automation plan for eCommerce owners. With this plan, you get unlimited tools and features to enjoy such as the eCommerce customer segmentation, quick transactional email, abandoned cart sales recovery, product recommendation, web push notifications and product promo codes.

Monthly Pricing Plan

Year Pricing Plan (Monthly Rates)

Years Pricing Plans (Monthly Rates)
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