30+ Best jQuery Image Gallery & Lightbox Plugins

Free jQuery Image Gallery Plugins

Websites pack more of a punch when the right gallery or image showcasing plugin is utilized. Are you often finding yourself at a loss of options for your next gallery plugin solution? Well, the good news is that jQuery plugin has plenty of gallery plugin solutions at hand for you. …

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HTML5 Canvas Graphs and Charts – Tutorials & Tools

HTML5 Canvas Graphs and Charts Tutorials

HTML5 is an advanced version of the HTML language which supports audio-visual elements. This means when you use HTML5 to build your app or website, you will be able to run JavaScript as it supports it. It allows your websites or application to be more powerful and diverse. Canvas graphing …

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Best Resources to Learn jQuery Tutorials (Step By Step)

jquery tutorial step by step

Amongst the JavaScript libraries available, jQuery has quite a following amongst web developers and designers. As a web developer in the front-end niche, having a skillset in jQuery is a must-have in the fast-changing web industry. jQuery is a library that works at simplifying the process involved in going through …

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Free Animated Login Form HTML Template (Freebie)

A login form is practically one of the most important features of any website that requires visitors to input usernames and passwords before they get access. The clean, simple and beautiful login form PSD, is a perfect solution to a large number of websites that you might be working on …

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Free Simple Slide Show/Slider HTML Template (Freebie)

This is a free clean slideshow template that you can use on your website to display sliding images or photo galleries. This slideshow HTML has a lot of features that include how you display images on your site or blog such as Focused Image, Image Fan, Polaroids, Perspective Images, iPhones, …

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15 Best Online Form Builder & Form Creators

Wufoo form builder

Form Frameworks are one part of your web project design and layout that are a must-have. Putting together a functional and appealing form framework can be quite a daunting aspect in the art that is front end web development. One uncalculated step of a forgotten form framework can easily turn …

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