Free Single Page Scrolling HTML5 Portfolio Template

free leftside menu html5 portfolio template

When I first started my designing career, sometimes I felt boring to write down the tedious code to build up any template. But nowadays work is reasonably reduced to some extent with the help of some sorts of frameworks like Bootstrap. This freebie template will save your time to create …

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25 Best Call-to-Action Examples & HTML Templates

Best Call-to-Action Examples

Have you ever wondered why you signed up on a particular website, downloaded Dropbox, Evernote, or even taken an online masterclass? Well, it would shock you to know that you were prompted by these site or service owners, into taking that particular action. If you are also wondering how then …

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20+ Best HTML5 Tutorial for Beginners to Experts

HTML5 Website Coding Tutorials

HTML5 is the fifth and the most recent version of Hypertext Markup Language. As a web designer or developer, it is a great idea to always improve yourself with new knowledge to strengthen your skills. HTML5 is taking over gradually and by learning how to use this language, you will …

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30+ Best jQuery Image Gallery & Lightbox Plugins

Free jQuery Image Gallery Plugins

Websites pack more of a punch when the right gallery or image showcasing plugin is utilized. Are you often finding yourself at a loss of options for your next gallery plugin solution? Well, the good news is that jQuery plugin has plenty of gallery plugin solutions at hand for you. …

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HTML5 Canvas Graphs and Charts – Tutorials & Tools

HTML5 Canvas Graphs and Charts Tutorials

HTML5 is an advanced version of the HTML language which supports audio-visual elements. This means when you use HTML5 to build your app or website, you will be able to run JavaScript as it supports it. It allows your websites or application to be more powerful and diverse. Canvas graphing …

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