Liquid Web VPS Hosting Review

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The managed web hosting site, Liquid web is known for its amazing offers and features that keep websites and blogs commendable uptime with great customer service and visitors follow-up. Some of the platform’s high-end specs are its powerful server, a wide range of dedicated, speedy load time, VPS, cloud and reseller plans, and flexibility. Liquid web private cloud providers provide users with an exclusive virtual data centre with support from VMware and NetApp.

The Private Cloud Providers package is built with the benefits of a typical cloud server and a combination of simple, advanced management services. Private cloud providers on Liquid Web provide users with multiple tenant tools and features that allow them to create an orderly work environment. The package enables users to have access to all the power, excellent performance, dedication and reliability needed by a leading industry or top online enterprise.

Liquid Web Cloud VPS (Virtual Private Servers)

Aside from Liquid web’s private cloud providers, the web hosting site also provides websites with Cloud VPS, which accounts for a fully-managed platform built to manage websites with high performance, speed and reliability.

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Features available on Liquid Web’s Cloud VPS include;

  • Secure server with advanced security and protection
  • Cloudflare CDN
  • Limitless sites availability
  • Dedicated IP Address
  • Gigabit transfer with reliable speed performance
  • Automatic local backups
  • Easy upgrade or downgrade
  • Simple root accessibility
  • 100% network uptime
  • 100% power uptime
  • Integrated firewall and several others
1. Gigabit Bandwidth

This feature allows users to transfer data with a very speedy gigabit network for all gigabit and 5 terabytes of bandwidth.

According to the study of Cloud Spectator, Liquid Web is a fast server than Rackspace and Digital Ocean.

2. Unlimited Interworx supported sites

Users will enjoy the unique services of a central host manager and automatic server control over all websites and servers on Liquidweb’s Cloud VPS hosting.

3. cPanel and Plesk support

WithLiquidweb’s Cloud VPS hosting service, users will enjoy the services of Plesk and cPanel that ensures system-level optimization and control including automatic updates, maintenance and application deployment.

4. Cloudflare CDN support

With support from Cloudflare CDN, users will enjoy optimization from a global network of servers that manages and the website’s load and boost the performance of your Virtual Private Server.

5. Firewall Integration

With firewall protection, users are assured of defence from internet traffic and other insecure elements that may affect business speed and reliability.

6. Dedicated IP Address

With a highly functional dedicated Internet Protocol Address, users are assured of great speed and maximum protection of their website.

7.Easily scalable

Liquid web’s Cloud VPS service is easily scalable as users can upgrade or downgrade their plan, based on the services they need to manage their website.

8. Good DDoS Protection

Liquid web’s Cloud VPS hosting will keep your website and business free from sudden attacks with real-time monitoring that is active at all time.

9. 100% Uptime

Liquidweb’s Cloud VPS hosting has a 100% uptime guarantee on both power and network with Service Level Agreements for all the relevant routing devices that operate within the network.

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Some basic Add-ons to integrate on Liquid web’s Cloud VPS hosting include;

  • Server Secure Plus (ServerSecurePlus)
  • Vulnerability Assesment
  • Akamali
  • EnhancdDDos Protection
  • PCI Compliance Scanning
  • Cloud Load Balancer
  • Server Protection for Linux
  • Web Application Protection
  • Server Protection for Windows
  • Premium Business Email and several others

There are several plans on Liquidweb’s Cloud VPS, which offer users several options with different prices and available features/services. Liquid Web Cloud VPS is designed to provide website/ online business owners a completely managed private cloud space for the best work experience.

Pricing Plans


This plan is accessible to users at $15 per month, providing them with 2 vCpus, up to 40 GB SSD storage and a bandwidth of 10 TB. Its Linux based service also comprises InterWorx, cPanel Admin or Plesk Web Pro support.


This plan provides users with up to 4 vCPUs, 100GB SSD Disk space, 10 TB Bandwidth and cPanel Admin, InterWorx or Plesk Web Pro, accessible at the introductory offer of $25 per month.


With up to 8 v CPUs and 150 GB SSD storage capacity running on a 10 TB Bandwidth, users are assured of reliability and speed. The Linux based platform also provides users with InterWorx, Plesk Web Pro, or cPanel admin at $35 per month.


THE 16 GB RAM plan is available at the special introductory offer of $95 per month, providing visitors with 8 vCPUs and up to 200 GB SSD storage at a bandwidth of 10 TB.

There is a bundle and save plan on the Cloud VPS package that gives users the option for a more equipped plan at very reasonable prices. You can bundle up the features you need for your managed-private cloud servers from any of the plans that suit your website best, as shown below;

2GB Value Bundle

This plan provides users with all the features on the 2GB RAM plan and Site remediation and protection, free 100GB daily backup quota and premium business email service at $20 per month. This means that you will be enjoying an $89 per month value bundle at $20 per month.

4GB Value Bundle

All features and services on the 4GB RAM plan are available on this plan with a Threat Stack oversight detection system, free 100GB daily backup, premium business email service and site remediation and protection at $30 per month for a $129 per month worth value.

8GB Value Bundle

Aside from the features available on the 8GB RAM plan, users are also provided with Premium business email services, free 100GB daily backup, Site remediation and protection and Threat stack oversight intrusion detection system at $45 per month, instead of $169 monthly.

16GB Value Bundle

This plan provides users with all features available on the 16GB RAM plan and the additional features on the 8GB Value Bundle, at $129 per month, instead of $229.

With great uptime and flexibility, visitors will have a great working experience harnessing the features and tools of Liquid Web’s Cloud VPS package.

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Based on the popular review, Liquid Web’s Private cloud pros and cons include;


  • Elasticity and flexibility
  • Automatic scaling
  • Great uptime
  • Advanced tools and management service


  • There is no money-back guarantee
  • It is quite pricey.

Although there are several website hosting options in the market, selecting the perfect hosting solution for your business might be quite tricky, as there are several factors like cost, hosting options, and guarantee to consider. Amongst the several options available, liquid web has however proven to be a great hosting platform with several incredible hosting plans and packages.

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