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50+ Bootstrap Testimonial Slider HTML Templates

bootstrap testimonial slider

If you are a web developer or designer, you should be familiar with the term Bootstrap. It is an open-source framework that enables you to design highly responsive websites easily and very fast. Bootstrap includes JavaScript and CSS-based design templates which can be used for forms, buttons, typography, interface components, …

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30+ Free Blockquote (Pull Quote) HTML Templates

free blockquote design templates

As a web designer and developer, it is important that you known how to keep website designs simple and easy to navigate for site visitors. Simplicity in every aspect of the design is key and this is where Blockquote designs come into play. Blockquote designs are used to quote large …

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15 Best Online Form Builder & Form Creators

Wufoo form builder

Form Frameworks are one part of your web project design and layout that are a must-have. Putting together a functional and appealing form framework can be quite a daunting aspect in the art that is front end web development. One uncalculated step of a forgotten form framework can easily turn …

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35+ Free Multi Step Forms HTML & CSS

Free Multi Step Forms

HTML enables developers to create forms. It provides a website with a feature that helps a web place become more than just a nice advertising brochure. Forms allow developers to build more dynamic websites that allow users to interact seamlessly with it. Online Signup and registration forms, HTML login form …

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50+ Best Price Table HTML & CSS Templates


The table is a great way to represent the data in a tabular format. Some websites display their services or product or pricing chart in tabular format, you may see it in many web hosting as well as in e-commerce sites. So it is required to represent it in a …

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80+ Best Free Music Player HTML & CSS

music player html css

Many website developers use Music Player HTML on the websites they design. The music player HTML provides you with the suppleness in addition to creativeness in constructing a jukebox in your website according to your preference. By using it, you are able to add the limitless number of music then organize …

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60+ Free Responsive Footer HTML Templates

The skeletal framework of any website includes the basic building blocks ‘header, body, and footer’. These three components are key elements in designing websites and they also make up a website, hence very important. The footer is a strip the runs across the bottom of a web page containing contact …

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